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Island Oasis thumb

Island Oasis

Welcome to a new and exciting world, Island Oasis lets you create whatever you want in paradise! Enter this stunning 3D Virtual World.

Create your avatar and then change you look whenever you want.

Explore beautiful locations and shops full of amazing items.

Be creative and build your own paradise.

Create your avatar and then change you look whenever you want.

Explore beautiful locations and shops full of amazing items.

Be creative and build your own paradise.

If you enjoy playing Second Life, you’ll definitely love Island Oasis. In this game, you’ll get to customize your own looks, explore beautiful locations, and even set up your own beautiful paradise.

To start playing, you’ll be asked to choose any one of the default avatars provided. There is a variety of choices offered for each gender ranging from the standard macho (male) or sexy (female) look to even an avatar in costume. Regardless of what you choose though, you will be able to fully customize your avatar to your liking later on, especially after you’ve gotten your hands on the many freebies on the Welcome Island.

Now that you’ve signed up and are in the game, you’ll need to figure out how to play the game on your own. If you have played Second Life or IMVU before, you should already have the basics you need to navigate the many virtual worlds in Island Oasis. If not, it’ll take a bit more effort in your part to learn about all the stuff you can do in this game. It’s a pretty fun learning process.

The game will place you on the Welcome Island in the game. Here, you can marvel at the beautiful Mediterranean themed buildings and décor as you make your way through the tons of freebie displays. The number of free items available are astonishing to say the least. By the end of the day, you could have multiple sets of bedroom and living room furniture and even a few differently themed bars. For guys, there are even huge tank models that you can grab for free!

Aside from furniture and decorations, there are also clothes, pre-designed avatar bodies, and poses that you can get on the house. How awesome is that?

Similar to Second Life in many ways, you’ll need to buy a piece of land in the game before you can place any of these items. Land will cost a certain amount of game currency, and you can earn some by taking up jobs that are advertised on the Welcome Island or you could also design and create your own items and sell them at the Island Oasis’ marketplace. Best yet, you could use the Podex Currency Exchange to buy or sell virtual currency for real cash.

Maybe you’re more of an explorer rather than a builder at heart? Well, if that’s the case, you can easily teleport from location to location via the world map. Note that although not every location on the map can be teleported to since some of the places are privately-owned locations, you can discover a nice variety of well-built places, such as the Oasis Speedway and the Blue Water Nude Beach. You can even fly in these areas too!

The only downside to the game is that Island Oasis has a pretty low player base despite being a virtual world game. This means you will hardly see anyone online. So, if you are to play this game, you’ll have to be sure to bring along a few of your friends. There are also groups that you can join, though it might be a bit hard to find a group that’s still active enough to organize events for its members.

In a nutshell, Island Oasis looks like a virtual world game that has plenty of potential to be as great as renowned games like Second Life and IMVU. The only thing that's unfortunately holding the game back is the lack of players. So, if you would like to give this game a chance, make sure to bring along some of your friends and spread the word around.

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