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Dream City Idols thumb

Dream City Idols

Pursue your dreams of becoming a fashion superstar in Dream City

Participate in the Star Show and show your opponents that you mean business!

Design your own virtual home, take care of an adorable pet and manage your shop along the way

Pursue your dreams of becoming a fashion superstar in Dream City

Participate in the Star Show and show your opponents that you mean business!

Design your own virtual home, take care of an adorable pet and manage your shop along the way

Pursue your dreams of becoming a fashion superstar in amazingly-kawaii, fashion-themed simulation/virtual world game, Dream City Idols! Decorate and design your own home, adopt an adorable pet, and show those judges (and your rivals) you mean business in the Star Show. Do you have what it takes to be among the rich and famous in Dream City? Play Dream City Idols now and find out!

To start your journey, you’ll first need an avatar, be it a boy or a girl. You’ll also get to customize your avatar to some extent and once you’re done, you’ll be guided through the game’s many features through the game’s interactive tutorial.

As the game contains a lot of MMO elements, you may find it easier to play the game if you are familiar with an MMORPG. Basically though, in this game, you’ll need to complete as many Trust quests as you can to forge bonds between the many interesting characters in Dream City while putting yourself “out there” by participating in the Star Show where you’ll need to wow the judges with your high Net Worth (NW) and your Style sense.

Net Worth is the accumulated worth of everything you own in the game, and is a pretty reliable indicator of whether you’ll win or lose a match. Style, on the other hand, relies more on the type of furniture you place in your virtual home. Each furniture in this game has an associated Style stat, be it posh, cute, fresh, natural, cozy, or modern. You’ll need to raise that up as high as you can while keeping in mind the penalties or bonuses a judge may give depending on their personal Style preferences.

Aside from the Star Show, you can also pit yourself against other players in Star Rank where only the most fashionable and the most stylist will win. Of course, to ensure victory, you’ll need to ensure that your NW is as high as you can get it to be and to do so, you’ll need to get better furniture for your home, better pets, better clothes, and also be of a higher level.

Most of the Fame points you’ll need to level up can be obtained from quests, be it Trust, daily, story-based quests. Each quest will have their own questing formats, with most of them requiring to collect certain quest items, such as fruits, which you can grow and harvest from your own mini-farm on your balcony; bells and shells that can be dug up by your pet (if it is treated well); and many more.

Dream City Idols also has a rather unique skill (a.k.a. Lore) system. There are 3 types of lore in this game, namely Planting, Nursing and Housekeeping (requires VIP 1). You can easily earn lore points for each of these skills, namely Planting and Nursing, simply by farming and taking care of your pet respectively. However, the lore points you gain by performing these actions only unlocks a new skill. To really learn the skill, you’ll need to take lessons for it instead!

Lessons are pretty interactive and fun in this game since you’ll actually be quizzed by the lecturer on the topic at hand – general knowledge on plants for Planting lessons while general pet knowledge for Nursing lessons. You will be awarded skill and lore points according to your performance on the quiz. However, once you’ve enough skill points, you can then “learn” a new skill.

As mentioned, you can own a virtual home in this game, and how you decorate your place may actually affect the results of your fashion showdowns. Due to this, it is important to get the best furniture for your home and you can do so by buying off the online magazine or by shopping at the mall. In addition to home design, you can even open up your own shop. You will own a web store where you can sell quest items as well as a physical shop where you will need to hire a team of staff to sell sundries.

Personally, the best part in Dream City Idols is when you are allowed to adopt an adorable pet – a puppy, kitten or a piglet. Being their new “mommy” or “daddy”, you’ll need to take good care of your pet and this means making sure they get enough food, baths, affection and attention from you. You can even bring them out for a walk... and who knows? Your pet may have dug up a couple of surprises for you in return for your care.

Besides an in-game chat system, the game also has Clubs that you can join. You’ll get some nice perks to boot! Of course, in terms of graphics and sound, the game wins both aspects hands-down. After all, Dream City Idols is a game that’s designed with the Japanese concept of “kawaii” in mind.

In short, Dream City Idols is a very entertaining and addictive fashion-themed simulation/virtual world game with the buzzing busyness of a browser MMORPG. With so much to do and so many features to discover, you’ll definitely have a fun time in Dream City Idols as you pursue your dream of becoming a fashion superstar!

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