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War Dragons thumb

War Dragons

Breed, train and collect a wide variety of dragons

Conquer other players’ bases and fortify your own with towers

Set out to reclaim your birthright and hopefully restore your parents’ legacy

Breed, train and collect a wide variety of dragons

Conquer other players’ bases and fortify your own with towers

Set out to reclaim your birthright and hopefully restore your parents’ legacy

Gifted or cursed, you were born with the ability to communicate with dragons, in addition to being the only son and heir of the kingdom. Fearing your ability, your very salty uncle has secretly assembled an army for a coup, murdered your parents and eventually took over the kingdom. Exiled for 10 years, you are now ready to reclaim your birthright. Will you succeed?

In this addictive MMO game, War Dragons, you’ll need to breed, train and collect a wide variety of dragons so you could defeat your uncle’s army, the Blackblood. There are 3 main categories of dragons in total – the Hunters, Warriors and Sorcerers, and for each category, there are tons of dragons of varying quality (normal, rare, legendary, and Divine), shape and color.

To obtain new dragons, you’ll need to earn some Egg Tokens by completing special Breeding quests. You can then use the token to or to crossbreed the dragons you already have at the Breeding Castle. Crossbreeding doesn’t guarantee that you’ll discover a breed of dragon though... and that’s simply how genetic inheritance works.

Each dragon can be leveled up and trained to increase its stats and sometimes to unlock some cool abilities. For instance, Draco will gain a special shield ability that when activated, will absorb a certain amount of damage before exploding and destroying any buildings nearby. To activate these abilities though, you’ll first need to attack enemy structures to rack up some Rage points. Dragons can also be equipped with runes or boosts to further enhance their destructive abilities.

The combat system in War Dragons is very straightforward and simple. Depending on which category of dragon you are using, you may need to tap and hold; tap repeatedly or swipe to make your dragon deal some damage. If you forget which dragon uses which method of attack, well, you needn’t to worry - the game provides a brief guide every time you head into battle. Not to mention, the dragon will move forward on its own so all you need to do is to make sure to demolish all the important buildings and towers on the map.

Considering that there are so many dragons in the game, you actually can bring multiple dragons with you on your raids. For the free-to-play player, you will be able to bring up to 7 dragons at a time, but if you’re willing to spend your premium Rubies, you can buy 2 more slots. Obviously though, you can only play as 1 dragon at any moment in the game.

War Dragons’ gameplay is very similar to Pirate Kings in a way. Both games are simple to play and both offer no PvE but is entirely PvP-oriented. The game will matchmake you with a list of potential targets. You can then browse through this list of players and check out their islands’ defenses. Once you’re happy with your selection, you can send your dragons out for an assault using some Food.

You can bookmark your targets so you could return and farm them for resources later. This isn’t exactly a very good feature since players might end up getting “harassed”. Thankfully, the community in the game is pretty courteous at the moment, and all that potential toxicity is currently put at bay.

War Dragons is not all about the offense though, it has a pretty strategic defensive aspect too. There is a wide range of towers that you can build, each with their own unique attributes that you can make full use of to ensure that your island is as well-defended as it can be. You’ll also need resource buildings like the lumber mill and the sheep farm so you will have sufficient resources to develop your island and to attack other players.

One of War Dragons’ main selling is its graphics and boy, are they superb! Granted that not all the dragons are as majestic-looking, each one of them is meticulously designed and the amount of detail you can see is amazing. The music and animations in the game are also very high quality.

War Dragons is a highly competitive yet casual MMO game that’s aesthetically beautiful in every way possible. The game is completely PvP-oriented with a strong emphasis on revenge-fueled retaliatory attacks, much like Pirate Kings. Thus, if you enjoy playing games like Pirate Kings, you will definitely love this game. Some players might even want to play the game just to drool over the dragons.

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