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Tree of Savior thumb

Tree of Savior

Help troubled locals and grow your character's power to defeat the Demon Goddess Giltine

Go on monster hunts with other players and slay the powerful boss

Go head-to-head with your opponents in exciting PvP arena matches

Help troubled locals and grow your character's power to defeat the Demon Goddess Giltine

Go on monster hunts with other players and slay the powerful boss

Go head-to-head with your opponents in exciting PvP arena matches

In this brand new MMORPG Tree of Savior, the Demon Goddess Giltine has seized an opportunity to gather her horde of minions as the mysterious disappearance of the Goddesses, the protectors of the realm, became apparent. Whether or not Giltine has a hand in the disappearance became negligible as the world is now currently under siege. Major human settlements and forces have been almost completely decimated and the future of humanity is looking awfully bleak. They need someone – a savior who can banish the demons and return peace to the lands and that person is you!

To start playing, you’ll need to create your character. There are 4 archetype classes you can choose from – Swordsman, Wizard, Archer and Cleric. Each of them has their own play styles and depending on which role you like to play, you can pick one that is suitable for you. However, if you’ve made a wrong choice somehow... not to worry, you can easily create a new character, up to a maximum of 4 characters, for free if you want to.

Each class in this game can be progressed further into advanced jobs once you reached a new rank. The first rank (Rank 2 to be exact) that you’ll reach will unlock a range of 3 advanced classes that you will then need to select. Considering that the game offers up to a whopping 270 levels and most certainly multiple class ranks, there are plenty of advanced classes that will further diversify the make-up of each character, allowing players to truly craft a character that suit their play style.

In terms of customization though, the game’s quite lacking in that aspect. Thankfully, the game makes up for it by providing some incredible gameplay. Combat, for instance, is amazingly fluid in Tree of Savior. This is to allow for rapid movement, especially when you have mere seconds to escape from the danger zones highlighted on the ground during a boss fight. This more action-based combat system definitely adds to the thrill of the game.

The controls are pretty well-tuned and smooth as well. However, if you prefer to use the usual WASD and mouse to control your character, you’ll need to manually switch the default “keyboard controls” to “mouse controls” via the settings. Of course, you can still choose to use the default arrow keys to move if you like.

Furthermore, although the questing part of the game is quite generic, it’s interesting to note that the game provides a very useful “Return” button that you can use to almost instantly teleport back to the quest giver to turn in your quest. With this simple button, you don’t actually need to run all the way back just to get your quest rewards.

Not to mention, there are exciting monster hunts that you can embark on with a good group of friends where you’ll go head-to-head with some of the toughest (and perhaps meanest) bosses in hopes of getting some rare loot. Ready get into the thick of more action? You can even sign your character up for some thrilling PvP matches at the arena where teams of 5 players bash at each other in an all-out fight to claim victory.

To dominate whether in PvE or PvP though, you’ll need to pay attention in improving your character. There are many ways to do so in Tree of Savior, including investing your stat and skill points in the relevant stats or skills, buying extra attributes from class trainers at the city, getting your character equipped with the best gear and enhancing your character’s equipments to best you could. Be sure to tend to all the upgrades your character needs and you’ll surely be able to defeat almost all of your opponents.

To boot, there are plenty of other features like pet collecting, achievements, the Market (or Auction House), single-class guilds and more that you can explore as you progress in the game. What about the population, you may wonder? Well, the most popular servers in this game has some really “amazing” queue times, so it’s pretty obvious population won’t be a problem. That said, I’d personally recommend avoiding the SEA servers like the plague at the moment. If you’re unlucky, the queue time can go up to hours.

Tree of Savior is also not at all “pay to win”. Its in-game shop mainly offers a range of cosmetics, convenience items like experience boosts, skill resets, megaphones and Tokens using premium currency called TPs. Tokens (can also be bought using in-game cash) are basically contain a limited duration of “VIP” within them and by activating one of them, you’ll gain access to special perks like more trading slots in the Market – nothing that can suddenly turn a VIP into an unstoppable killing machine at the arena, that’s for sure!

In summary, Tree of Savior definitely earns its hype among the international community of MMO gamers ever since its Korean version was released. The game is not only beautiful looking, it is also incredibly fun to play. If you love anime MMOs that has more depth, Tree of Savior is a game you won’t want to miss. Give it a try today!

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