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Pick any country you like and govern it whichever way you desire

Create political blocs for your allies and wage wars against your enemies on a global scale

Expand your country’s influences on Antarctica and even to the moon

Pick any country you like and govern it whichever way you desire

Create political blocs for your allies and wage wars against your enemies on a global scale

Expand your country’s influences on Antarctica and even to the moon

Bolster your country’s GDP, create political blocs, set up your own stock exchange, join the UN, and even claim Antarctica as your own or colonize the moon in this amazing grand strategy game, Realpolitiks! Do you have what it takes to lead a nation and turn it into a superpower?

Let’s start with the game’s tutorial, which is exactly where you should be starting with just so you can get an idea of how the game work. The tutorial isn’t perfect, but it works well enough to guide you through the really basic stuff, leaving you to explore the rest of its features on your own.

Once you’re done, you can get into the game proper. As opposed to many grand strategy games, you actually get to play as any country you like in the current known world. There are plenty of “game modes” or scenarios as well. Different scenarios will have different objectives for you to achieve. However, for some of the scenarios, the time given seemed rather short for the grand goals you are supposed to do. If scenarios aren’t your thing, the game has a sandbox mode for you too!

Now, to govern a country in Realpolitiks, you’ll need be aware of 3 main factors – economy, politics and war. For economy, it mainly revolves around growing your country’s GDP, lowering the unemployment rate, and ensuring profits are flowing inwards. You can mostly manage all of these through the correct activation of helpful projects. However, keep in mind that projects take a long while to be in effect; they can cost a lot; and that you can only implement 2 new projects at a time.

Another notable part of the game’s economy is its unique stock exchange system which allows you to obtain foreign investment. You can invite countries to trade on your stock exchange and earn small profit. However, the profit you get is too insignificant and there isn’t a lot you can do to tweak your stock exchange. So, for the economy part, I find the game’s economy aspect rather shallow overall.

The political aspect in Realpolitiks is unfortunately not very real at all. The diplomatic actions are rather limited for a grand strategy game and have long cooldowns. Even if you managed to beat the RNG and greatly improved relations with a country, the relation decays too fast in this game, making maintaining relationships with countries a huge chore. This is particularly pronounced when it comes to countries in your political bloc.

Blocs are intended as a way for you to cooperate with the AIs, but apparently, AIs only invite other AIs to their blocs and you aren’t invited. You can, however, create your own bloc but getting an AI to join you is almost as hard as getting into one. This makes playing as a small country incredibly difficult.

That said, there is a really nice idea for international politics in Realpolitiks – its UN system. The countries in the UN have the power to propose and vote on resolutions that generally affects the world. Although it’s a nice idea, the implementation isn’t really well-designed. Only the top 20 or so countries get a say in the resolutions proposed so if you’re not one of them, you can might as well ignore this feature.

The international spycraft in this game can be a tad bit overpowered as well. It is fun if you are the one doing all the subterfuge since apparently, you can cripple a country’s economy or destroy half a nation’s nuclear arsenal with a single successful spy mission, but if you’re at the receiving end, well, things may feel very unfair to you.

Last but not least, the warfare aspect can be rather basic in Realpolitiks. Wars are played out in real-time in a theater-like style. Once war is declared, you’ll then perform military operations to gain War Score. The higher score you get, the better chances you have to getting your opponent to cave in, but unfortunately, you seem to have to utterly destroy your opponent before it decides to sign the peace deal you offer.

Not to mention, the operations carried out seem to have no related effects to the enemy’s troops. The chances of a successful operation in this game also seem to rely a bit too heavily on RNG rather than on actual factors like the size of your army and the type of advanced tech your army have access to. Oddly enough, you cannot send military assistance to your neighbors either unless you are in the same bloc.

Aside from the amazing graphics and sound, the best part of Realpolitiks though is definitely the fact that you can expand your influence on the Antarctica and even to the moon. However, the game does have plenty of flaws that it should definitely work on if it is to attract new players.

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