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Stop evil robots from preventing the rebirth of the living with a combat drone of your choice

Use your arsenal of abilities and weapons to carve out a path of destruction with your team mates

Upgrade your drones with the best gear and enjoy some explosive co-op action in Livelock!

Stop evil robots from destroying the world with your own combat drones, Vanguard, Hex or Catalyst

Use your arsenal of abilities and weapons to carve out a path of destruction with your team mates

Upgrade your drones with the best weapons and enjoy some explosive co-op action in Livelock!

The cataclysm that hit Earth was so much worse than predicted. Robots housing the consciousness of the last of mankind, the Intellects, had their data corrupted, causing clusters of them to fall into never-ending cycles of warfare. However, the first 3 Intellects was somehow spared from this and with the help of Satcom, the Super AI in charge, they will need to work together to stop the senseless robotic wars and bring life back to Earth in this amazing shooter game, Livelock.

Following the game’s in-depth storyline, you’ll be given the chance to create your character. You can choose to play as one of the 3 heroic Intellects, namely the tanky Vanguard, the healer, Catalyst; and the hawkeyed DPS (damage-dealer), Hex. However, if you fancy playing all 3 of them, you can. All you need to do is to add a new chassis at the Machine Lab. You can own up to 5 different chassis.

Once done, you may choose to play the Campaign mode or you could play the endless Open Protocol mode where you can fight waves after waves of robots with your friends while you protect the Core... much like a tower defense game. For campaign, you are given the option to choose the difficulty (autonomous – easy; emergent – normal; singular – hard) as well as how you’d like to play the game (public, friends only, private or offline).

Each game can be played in a co-op manner, with each team containing up to a maximum of 3 members. However, you can also play the game solo and the difficulty of the game will adjust itself accordingly.

The game’s combat system and game mechanics are pretty much the highlight of Livelock. It’s a top-down/ isometric co-op shooter game that allows plenty of freedom in terms of movement. This is crucial because you’ll need to do a lot of dodging to avoid getting serious damage. Livelock is most definitely NOT a straight-up tank and spank. In fact, lots of strategic movements are involved. You can even destroy certain parts of the environment which is pretty important at times to uncover special areas for that map.

Due to some parts of the game where players may get overwhelmed by swarms of robots, Livelock added in an Overclock system which is admittedly pretty cool. There will be times when you can pick up a diamond-shaped Overclock item to activate the system and temporarily boost your combat abilities. Different colors of items will trigger different forms of Overclock modes. The orange one, for example, will provide invulnerability while the blue item will give you a nice speed boost. Overclock lasts only a short period of time, so be sure to make full use of it.

In the game, you’ll also be collecting blue-colored capsules called Carbon. These Carbons are like "upgrade currency" – you’ll need them to upgrade your robot’s weapons. Each Intellect has up to 3 different weapons, the last being a Launcher, a very powerful weapon that requires special ammo which you can collect as you play the game. New weapons can only be obtained by leveling up.

There are also firmwares which you can use to further augment your robot. These can usually be gained as drops as you complete the campaign. Each Intellect even has its own range of special role-specific abilities which can be activated to help the team. For example, Vanguard can put up a temporary frontal shield to defend his team, while Catalyst can throw out mini-repair bots that can repair all robots within a certain radius for a period of time. By cooperating well and using the correct skills at the right time, you can gain a ton of multipliers that will most certainly bump your final score by quite a lot of points.

Not to mention, the game doesn’t only look incredibly good, the sound effects and animations are very well-done too. All of them combined, along with the storyline, definitely increased the immersion in Livelock. However, the only downside is that the game’s a bit too short for some gamers. The developers will need to add more campaigns or maybe a PvP option to keep the game community happy... and they will need to do this fast.

All in all, Livelock is a thrilling and challenging co-op shooter game that is fast-paced and forces you to actually move around the map to dodge dangerous abilities or the infamous “red circles on the ground”. If you love co-op shooter games, Livelock can guarantee you and your friends hours of fun clearing maps and trashing enemy robots. Buy the game now and give it a try. You’ll surely love it!

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