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Fruit Warriors thumb

Fruit Warriors

Recruit a team of Fruit Warriors to defeat the Demon Lord and his minions

Improve your heroes through various upgrades and by leveling them up

Challenge various dungeons or test your skills against other players in the arena

Recruit a team of fruit-themed warriors to defeat the Demon Lord and his minions

Improve your heroes through various upgrades and by leveling them up

Challenge various dungeons or test your skills against other players in the arena

The once wonderfully fruity world has fallen to the demonic invasion led by the merciless Demon Lord. Only city Celestia remains untouched by their corrupting influences. The world desperately needs a savior, one of the fabled Fruit Warriors, to save it from descending into complete chaos... the world needs you!

To start your epic journey in this brand new MMORPG, you’ll need to first select a character. You can pick between the Sweet (a warrior-like class) or the Tart (a caster-like class) classes as well as the gender of your character. Once you’re done, you’re ready to start slaying demons!

Similar to most browser MMORPGs, the combat system used in Fruit Warriors is turn-based. However, this game allows you to be more involved in its combat by giving you the opportunity to manually select the skills you want to use. Each character has at least 2 types of skills (special attack and your Ultimate) that require Rage and a basic attack which generates Rage. Due to this game mechanism, it’s important for you to plan out your moves so as to maximize the damage you deal.

Not to mention, since you’re the leader of a team of heroes, you’ll also have some fellow heroes by your side as you battle various demons in this game. You won’t be able to control the other heroes though. Being the bread and butter of your team, heroes contribute quite a lot to your team’s overall Combat Power (CP). CP is an indicator of how strong your team is, and naturally, you’ll want your CP value to be as high as possible.

To do so, you’ll need to level up your heroes, either by giving them Exp potions or by including them into your team’s formation and head into combat. Don’t forget to evolve your heroes once they reach the level cap too.

Your heroes will also need to be equipped with the best gear there is. To get these items, you’ll need to first gather crystals by fighting other players at the arena, challenge a boss via the Boss map or using the game’s Praying feature (2 free Prays per day), and exchange them for equipments through the in-game Exchange Store. Of course, you mustn’t forget to keep those equipments upgraded at all times.

Besides gear, you’ll have a mount, and eventually a companion as well as a pair of fabulous wings to upgrade as well. There are even many guilds you can sign up for just so you could get some extra stat boost, in addition to an exclusive, guild member-only access to the guild shop and various guild events. Admittedly, it can be pretty tedious to keep everything upgraded, but the resulting CP boost that you get is very much worth it!

Now that you’ve gotten a high enough CP, you would want to flex your muscles (so to speak) and what better way to do so than to take on a PvE or PvP challenge. Aside from the usual “campaign” dungeons which the game dubs as “Scenarios”, you’ll be able to dive right into some exciting PvE action through other types of dungeons like the EXP and team dungeons, or through the Boss map where you can take on a personal or a world boss.

For PvP, Fruit Warriors provide a rank-based Arena system that will definitely push your skills to the limits especially if you aim to be counted among the elites. As climbing the rank ladder isn’t at all easy, you might want to consider getting yourself a boost by spending a bit of real cash and get that coveted VIP status. VIPs are afforded some privileges that will definitely make the game much more of a breeze for hardcore players who play the game to win.

To sum up, Fruit Warriors is a brand new browser MMORPG that has a unique fruity theme and a fun and more involved gameplay. Along with cute visuals and amazing soundtracks, the game has plenty to offer in terms of character progression, PvE and PvP. So, if you’re looking for a fun casual MMORPG for the weekend, be sure to give Fruit Warriors a try!

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