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Astral Heroes thumb

Astral Heroes

Experience a digital collectible card game like no other in Astral Heroes!

Buy new cards from the market and build an excellent deck to play with

Enjoy the game's single-player campaign or go head-to-head with other players in the leagues

Experience a digital collectible card game like no other in Astral Heroes!

Buy new cards from the market and build an excellent deck to play with

Enjoy the game's single-player campaign or go head-to-head with other players in the leagues

A one-of-its-kind MMOCCG, Astral Heroes offers plenty of innovative card play and game mechanics, all wrapped up with very beautiful and well-balanced cards, various game modes, and entertaining gameplay. Push your deck-building skills to the limit and play against clever AIs or even against another human player in the PvP leagues. If you’re sick of playing Hearthstone clones, Astral Heroes is definitely the antidote you need!

With a short and sweet storyline about you being the “Chosen One” in a prophecy to get the game going, you’ll be able to pick a side – either Wizards or Dark Priests - and hop straight into a tutorial-like episode in the game’s single-player campaign mode. It’s nice that the game unlocks new elements to the game gradually as opposed to everything at once. This makes Astral Heroes very easy to understand and learn, especially considering that the game contains quite a number of pretty unique features.

Astral Heroes is basically an MMOCCG in its core, which is evident from the mana system it has or the stats listed on its cards. However, the game changes things around quite a bit, giving the game a very innovative feel. One of the first of such features you’ll encounter is the Spell Power system. It generally determines how many mana points you’ll get in a round and will increase by 1 when a new round comes around. However, Spell Power can be affected by properly played cards, which in turn will affect your gameplay.

Not to mention, creature cards in this game automatically attack the opponent or his cards after waiting out the round in which they were summoned. The positions of your cards also matter in this game as your creature cards only attack enemy creatures that are in the same column (But on the opposite side of the battle line) as they are. Creatures do not take any damage by attacking other creatures.

Interestingly, besides the usual passive abilities that most cards in MMOCCGs have, the developers added “active abilities” into Astral Heroes as well. These active card abilities can be activated once per round at most, provided that you have the required mana to do so. Abilities can be immediately used after the cards are played on the board. As your cards can now house both active and passive abilities, your hero no longer has an ability to use.

Astral Heroes also provides players with the option to swap out a card in hand for a random new card from their deck. You can do so once every turn, and this is rather a critical tool that you can capitalize on when planning out your strategy. There’s also a Mana Storm ability that only becomes available when you have no card in hand. Although it comes with quite high a cost, you can use it to bounce back from a near defeat and proceed to win the battle.

Besides campaign where you will duel AIs, you can also go against another human player in the game’s PvP leagues. There are various game modes you can enjoy, including draft tournaments and duels with random decks.

Need more cards? Well, with the winnings you get from either campaign or league victories, you can get some from the Market. You can get some pretty cheap cards from the discounted section, get a random card or buy a card of your choice, depending on how much gold you’re ready to spend. You can always buy more gold or get yourself a nice premium membership using real cash as well.

As you may have noticed, cards in Astral Heroes don’t have a quality or grade rank. By having no card-rarity, this game forces its players to spend more time to truly analyzing and improving their decks, instead of trying to stuff their decks with as many highest quality cards as they can. Excellent deck-building and card-playing skills will get you far in this game.

With your new cards in hand, you can easily modify your deck via the deck editor. Each deck in Astral Heroes needs to have a minimum of 25 cards and the cards it contains mustn’t be from more than 2 different schools of magic. There are 4 types of magic in this game, namely Order, Chaos, Life and Death. You’ll also need to take into account the total astral cost of your deck of cards as the total mustn’t exceed your astral power.

Lastly, the game’s graphics, particularly the card designs, are detailed and very well-done. However, it’ll be great to have some variety in terms of the game boards and card-backs though – something fancier perhaps. In terms of sound, the game features some pretty amazing music that will definitely get you immersed in the beautiful fictional world in Astral Heroes.

In short, Astral Heroes is an incredible MMOCCG due to the amazing amount of innovation it offers, the more in-depth gameplay, and its fair free-to-play business model. So, don’t miss out – try Astral Heroes today and experience its uniqueness for yourself!

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