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Angeldust thumb


Go out a questing in this beautifully made sandbox of an RPG.

Team-up with other players to fight various challenging beasts in many different dungeons

Build and create your game world ala Minecraft style where the limits of you imagination will define the limits of your gameplay.

Go out a questing in this beautifully made sandbox of an RPG.

Team-up with other on-line players as it is better to fight the beasts knowing they've got your back and you've got theirs.

Build and create your game world ala Minecraft style where the limits of you imagination will define the limits of your gameplay.

When fantasy RPG games started to appear in the 1980’s, you usually went questing all by yourself or with companions that where NPC’s. The novelty of the idea that you could visit worlds with exotic and mysterious locations with a group of fellow warriors and do battle with all forms of imaginable beast ushered in the popularity and era of the computer RPG genre.

Back then, friends got to share the same adventure by playing the same game. You merely called up your best friends on the phone to tell them that you just got through level 8 and to watch out for the troll guarding the gateway to the dungeon of the Lazy Dragon. If it was a lot of excitement back then, imagine now with the internet and your friends playing alongside as you enter and beat up the troll guarding the dungeon of the Snoring Dragon. What more. you can actually build the dungeon yourself.

The RPG adventure genre may be kind of outdated in this day and age but there are always new ways to doing things and Angeldust is a very good example of this.

To put it simply, Angeldust is a game that combines RPG, open world sandbox and social virtual worlds into one very interesting Mix. This is a game where you have to play and dig a little deeper to appreciate what it is all really about and the huge potential the game has to offer. Playing it for an hour or two will probably just get you bored and dismiss it as a non recommendable piece of repetitive game play with no direction in sight. On the surface, that is exactly what it is and that is probably because you have barely scratched the surface.

Angeldust is more of a social virtual world game (with MMO elements) where the idea is to make friends online and play the RPG together. If you are looking for fast action PvP or hack and slash, this game probably isn’t for you. Instead, you can literally grow your own fantasy adventure in Angledust.

The game is currently on early access on Steam and is available as well on both Android and IOS. As of now, you can access and play the basic game but keep in mind that it is currently in evolution as the developer Frank Lucas is actively communicating with his gaming community and updating his game in accordance to the feedback and request of the gaming audience.

The basic game lets you choose between 4 characters. A Dusty Knight, an Angelic Archer, a Mysterious Mage and a Crafty Farmer. Each of them have their own strengths and weakness which you the player will have to find out how to use. You are given your basic tools like a shovel for digging, a hammer for building or fighting, a sword, a magic staff, your electronic teleport and control device (the only odd gadget in the mix) and whatever else you may need depending on your character class.

The game provides a general area where you can build your house or whatever structure you can think off and interact with the other on-line players. Building is just like building in Minecraft and does have a voxel-like feel to it. You mine resources like sand, mud, grass, wood, rocks among others and use them to build. The farmer has an extra advantage at this as his hammer provides more versatility than the basic shovel provided to the others.

You can then go adventuring into the different areas or Biomes (for lack of a better term). These may be forests, swamps, mountains, woodlands and winter locations and represent levels or stages in the game. As to what you are questing for will be up to you as Angeldust is open world. Monsters do abound which you have to kill in order to gain gold coins or in-game currency to use with the in-game store. You will encounter docile animals like frogs, birds, cats and even horses to the more exotic and dangerous ones like wolves, tigers, bears, dragons, scoopers and others with really weird sounding names.

Every time you get hit when battling these beasts, your health decreases so you have to replenish often. You do this by looking out for treasure chests that contains important and useful items. Among these are the purple heart looking objects which restores your health. When you get lost or wander too far, you can always bring out your sub-etha teleport device to get you back to civilization.

At some point you will really get bored going through this over and over again but when you start doing it with on-line friends and start building and interacting with them through the games community website, things start to get pretty interesting.

The website is the Social Media and micro-transaction hub of the game. Of course you can play the game without spending as taking out your plastic is an option with almost all on-line games today. However, you will have to connect with the website to do things like customize your character, interact and make friends, share videos and pics, join forum discussions and communicate with Frank Lucas himself if you have some ideas or feedback about the game you would want him to know about.

The games graphics may seem to be on the cartoon side of things but the music and sound effects as well as the voice narrations are really cool. The combined effect is great and some of the beasts have a comedic appearance as well.

Frank Lucas is not only building an online, cross-platform MMORPG but a gaming community as well and by the looks of it, he knows what he’s doing. A developer doing online support for his own game and communicating online with his patrons as how to make the game better for everyone... now, that’s rare.

If you have the time to spare, do try to at least preview the game or visit the website. It may not look like much now, but if Lucas keeps up with what he is doing and continually grows his community, it doesn’t take super great graphics to make an online hit. These days, it takes a dedicated player and fan base to keep a game going and growing.

Developers like Lucas are a rare variety. You can check out his You Tube video series where he spends effort and time to really reach out to his customers.

Now, how many developers do that?

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