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Wizard 101 thumb

Wizard 101

Wizard 101 is world that delivers you magic and monsters.

Master your spells and choose them with care as you create powerful spell decks.

Challenge other wizards and grow in power to be the best wizard around.

Wizard 101 is a free MMO that delivers you into a world of magic and monsters.

Master your spells and choose them with care as you create powerful spell decks.

Challenge other wizards and grow in power to be the best wizard around.

Welcome to Wizards101, in which you create and play a wizard! The opening of the game is quite beautiful, you start as a young wizard enrolling in the academy. At first you’ll answer a short quiz that will reveal your basic type of magic. There are seven different schools of magic, each with it’s own unique spells and abilities. The school you choose will allow you to learn spells of that school for free as you level, but special training points you receive every couple of levels will allow you to learn spells from different schools. This way you can have the spells and attributes of one school while packing some powerful spells of another, making your character unique to you.

Like any other role playing game, you battle enemies or players and complete quests to gain experience and level as well as acquiring items from monsters or by buying them from the different vendors around the region. Items give bonuses to your attributes so with the right equipment you can either become a powerful damage dealer or a tank with high defense. the combat system does well in making you feel like a true wizard with an arsenal of spells. Every spell you learn comes in a form of a card, your task is to create a deck with the spells you would like to use in combat, balancing your deck isn’t easy as some spells require more mana to use than others, so it’s always good to pack some low cost spells in order to save your mana for the big ones.

As you explore the world you will find many monsters that infest the road, be careful, as getting close to one will enter combat so if you are low on life or mana try and stay on the sidewalk to avoid combat. When you do want to fight, either to gain experience or to complete a quest, just go to a monster and the battle will start. when you enter combat, a circle will form on the road, allowing up to four players and four monsters to fight each other (though at some higher level areas you can be attacked by multiple monsters on your own). At first you start with one enemy, but if other players will choose to join the battle, more enemies will join as well. the combat itself is turn based, everyone has 30 seconds to choose which spell of the ones that are available to them they want to use and cast it when their turn comes.

You can see other players’ spell choice and target so you can change your choice in order to maximize it’s effect. While the basics of the combat system are simple, there is a lot of strategy and planning involved in your spell deck building and the use of the right spells in order to beat powerful enemies.

At first you will only have access to wizard city, the main city where you will find the magic schools and many vendors for your shopping needs. Some areas contain special dungeons that feature unique monsters for you to kill and the tougher mobs will yield better loot and experience. As you level and progress in the storyline you will gain access to more regions in the world and will find stronger enemies to beat. Ultimately you will face the main evil character in the storyline and good luck beating this big bad wizard as he packs high health and powerful spells.

Wizard101 features a housing system in which you can decorate with items you gather during your quest as well as crafting stations that allow you to create various items according to the recipes and reagents you find or purchase from vendors.

Questing alone can be boring though, so when you are not in a party with friends, you still have your trusty pet by your side.There is a great variety of available pets, which you level by playing mini-games and feeding. As your pet grows it will gain more and more powerful abilities that will help greatly during battle. Pets can also be used to compete with other players in contests, using their special powers and attributes is key to winning those events and improving your pet.

Wizard101 has beautiful graphics and design, each character has it’s own uniqueness and personality and you grow to know them a little as they are handing you various tasks to fill. Characters have voice and full dialogs, making it a treat talking to them without the need to read lengthy lines of text. Wizard101 is super friendly to new players, the help menu has all the information you need to play and great explanations on the different menus and icons. Helpers will occasionally pop up with helpful information as you reach new points in the game. There is also a quick ‘how to’ with many common questions and clear simple answers.

Wizard101 is packed with content and you can always see young wizards running around doing quests, playing mini games and killing evil monsters. The combat system is challenging and interesting and you can easily lose yourself in the wizard world as you uncover the plot, gain powerful items and level towards being a powerful wizard.

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