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Perfect World International thumb

Perfect World International

Represent one of the five races as you begin your journey.

Roam the skies with your glorious flying mounts.

Take part in the enormous and intense guild vs guild battles.

Represent one of the five races as you begin your journey.

Roam the skies with your glorious flying mounts.

Take part in the enormous and intense guild vs guild battles.

Perfect World International by the developer Perfect World Entertainment is a sensational MMORPG that brings together all the elements that define the genre and combines them to form one of the most perfectly executed MMORPGs out there.

Going at it from the start, once you’ve successfully downloaded the client and logged into your account, you’ll be greeted with hands down one of the best character customization menus out there. The amount of options that the menu will offer you will leave you stunned for a solid while as you try to figure out what each one of them does.

Aside from the regular customization options like height, hair and bulk, you’ll also be able to customize the most minor of details such as nose length, lip width and all kinds of features you’d never expect to see. The best part about having such an in-depth character customization is that it makes it next to impossible for anyone else to have a character that looks just like yours.

PWI does a great job of maintaining social interaction as well. There are chat hubs for things like trading, dungeon parties or just general chit chat which makes the community seem really social and a social community is something that appeals a lot a player that has just started out which leads to a lot more players getting hooked on the game instead of playing the game for an hour tops and then forgetting it altogether.

In terms of gameplay, aside from a few hiccups here and there, PWI still stays strong. Getting the negative out of the way, the user interface of the game looks extremely outdated and the combat feels rather slow and clunky compared to the action based MMORPGs of today. Aside from this though, there are an absurd amount of gameplay options in PWI. From the start of the game to the finish, you’ll almost always have a quest to complete which makes sure that you never feel “lost”.

There are also guilds that you may join and represent. Guilds almost always have multiple tasks for you to do and are also a great way of obtaining some gear for your character as guild members generally tend to help out each other. The game also has very in-depth PvP (Player vs Player) options but perhaps the best thing about Player vs Player in PWI are the aforementioned Guild vs Guild battles.

If you choose to take part in these battles then they will give you some of the most intense moments you’ve had in an MMORPG. The sheer amount of chaos happening here and there is enough to catch the eye of pretty much everyone.

As we move on to the graphics of the game. PWI looks astonishingly good especially considering the fact that it has relatively low system requirements. The raw amount of detail there is makes it look truly “perfect”. The textures are great and there is a whole lot to see. These things make this game a visual treat even though it has been released for well over 6 years now which goes to show how well the developer has worked to maintain the game.

Another thing to add onto the list of things PWI does brilliantly is the sound. The music of the game sounds incredible and sets in extremely well with the overall atmosphere of the game. The sound effects of spells are also superb as each spell comes with a great sound effect to it that makes it sound all the more powerful.

Lastly, PWI also features a cash shop where you can purchase premium items and such. The variety in the cash shop as great as the items here range from cosmetics to equipment.

Perfect World International is an MMORPG which has set the standard for future MMORPG releases due to how well executed it is.

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