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White Oak Stables`

Pick your favourite breed and colour for your horse.

Train and enter your horses into shows to win fabulous prizes!

Unleash the inner equestrian in you!

Pick your favourite breed and colour for your horse.

Train and enter your horses into shows to win fabulous prizes!

Unleash the inner equestrian in you!

Ever wanted a horse or a pony of your own? Well, introducing the text-based horse game, White Oaks Stable which is based on a real stable in North Carolina in south-eastern US, with the same name!

You start the game by buying your first horse with the money that you’re given. Choose the breed and colour that you like - there are simply so many to choose from! Different breeds of horses will have different taste for treats and for event trainings as you’ll soon see. Moreover, you also get to choose whether you would like a foal (colt or filly) or a grown, 3 year-old horse (gelding or mare).

After getting your first horse, you may want to get tacks for your horse and some show clothes for yourself. Head on to the store to get everything you want. Select your favourite brands from the many varieties available. Although your first horse may cost a lot, you will definitely still have plenty of money left that you can spend here. After getting the items, you can move on to the next part of the game – grooming, tacking and training your horse!

Since it is a classic text-based game, a lot of actions can be done with just a click of the button and this includes grooming and tacking (auto-tacking is so convenient!). However, for training, you’ll need to pick a discipline to train your horse in. There are plenty of disciplines, such as cross country, side saddle, show jumping and dressage. You’ll need to train in the same discipline for the following days or your horse will lose its training in that discipline and you need to start all over again. If you want to, for example, take a week’s vacation, you can even hire other people to take care and train your horse for you for a price. Different people will have different level of skills and rates, so you’ll need to choose the one best suited for your horse.

Once you’ve finished pimping up your horse, he or she is ready for some serious business – shows and competitions! Join show events that best display your horse’s skills and excellent training by paying a nominal fee of $10 (in-game money, of course). Try to beat the competition and improve your rank on the leader board. However, do note that foals are not allowed into show events since they are just too young.

Of course, after an exciting show event, no matter if your horse wins or loses, you may want to spoil your horse a wee bit by giving him or her treats, but wait! There’s a catch! You’ll need to find the treat that your breed of horse likes. For example, Mustangs may hate sugar cubes, but they love carrots or apples! You might need to do several rounds of trial and error to find out the treats that your horse will thank you for. Who knows? You might even get lucky on the first try!

While your horse is recuperating from the training or show event, you can play fun horse games, such as Charger Escape, Steeplechase or Dream Horse, or if you love good literature, you can go and read some horse stories! Read the works of authors and horse enthusiasts from around the world for free or you can even choose to write and submit one of your own! There are even complimentary horse comics, aptly named as ‘Horsetastic!’, created by a very talented artist from Deviantart that you can read, and honestly, those comic strips are funny and excellently drawn.

Furthermore, there are clubs where you can join to meet and chat with people who have similar taste in horse breeds as you are. There is also a horse rescue section whereby you can donate real money in order to help mistreated and abandoned horses get adequate food and veterinary treatment as well as a new home. It’ll be like you’ve virtually adopted the horse. You can even get updates and special events from the people at the real White Oaks Stable through the newspaper tab in the game.

If you like the game, you can also decide to upgrade your account and get access to new features like getting rare items or owning a stable. There is also an upcoming version 2 of the game that will be released and available for you to play in August this year! The version 2 of White Oak Stable will have better games, better graphics and more interactive features for you! You can even transfer your current account to the new version for free when it is released.

Nevertheless, the game does not really have a lot of players. When I signed up, there were only 6 people online. In addition, considering that it is text-based, it loses out to the other fancier, flash-animated horse games that are already present on the internet. This game does not really give me the feeling of actually owning and caring for a horse. The only few things that I personally find attractive in this game are the writing section, the mini-games and the comics.

All in all, White Oak Stable is a very simple horse game that has quite a lot of aspects that seemed to be derelict. However, it is not a huge time sink, so you can just play it for a couple of minutes at a time when you’re free. From what I’ve seen in their version 1, I have high hopes for the version 2 that is coming out soon. There should be plenty of new and better features and interactions that the player can have with their horse. Hopefully, this new version will revitalise the game and give it the player base that it sorely needs.

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