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A Virtual Horse

Play A Virtual Horse and enjoy a stunning 3D animated game, raise your horses, become a vet or stablehand and enter competitions.

Look after and train your own beautiful horse.

Manage your own stables and events course.

Create buildings to farm materials and food.

Look after and train your own beautiful horse.

Manage your own stables and events course.

Create buildings to farm materials and food.

Don’t be fooled by the simple yet very succinctly-put name of this game. It probably has the most realistic animation for a horse game that is ever seen on the internet!

Sign up by choosing your first very own virtual horse. After that, you’ll be guided though the basic caring techniques for your horse as well as how to collect resources for your stable. Unlike other horse games, A Virtual Horse lets you be a self-sufficient rancher. You can build iron mines, woodmills and wells in order to gather resources to expand and upgrade your stable. You will also collect resources from your apple orchard, carrot field and farm to keep your horse healthy and happy with food, water and treats.

After doing your chores at the stables, you can kick back and relax by playing some fun casual games, such as Hangman, Phong, Memory, Word Search or even Tic Tac Toe! If you win, you’ll get experience points together with in-game money and perhaps even a prize. There are also various horse token collections for you to complete and free daily gifts at the Wheel. However, you can only get 1 free token and gift per day. If you are willing to spend coins, you can head over to the Trade Office to find some good deals on tokens in order to complete your collections faster.

Besides tokens, you can even trade for a new horse, horse tacks or resources at the Trade Office as well. However, the downside to this is that there are no shops here, just a Trade Office. If the thing that you need is not on the Trade Office, then, there is no other way for you to buy it. It’s kind of like an ultimatum for the players – either you gather the items yourself or you buy it from other players who have the items that you need.

Low in cash? Don’t worry! There are plenty of ways for you to earn coins besides playing games. If you are pretty convinced that your horse is the best there is, then why not participate in the shows available? You just need to pay minimal fee of 9 coins for a chance to win thousands of coins. If you are even more confident of the performance of your horse, you can also create shows and competitions for other players to join in.

Moreover, there is another quicker and easier way to earn coins – working! There are several jobs that you can do, such as becoming a vet or a stablehand. By doing simple work, like feeding the horses in the stable or doing a quick medical check on the horses housed there, you can not only earn coins but also experience points for your horse. Plus, when the job is becoming rather monotonous, you can easily drop a job for another job without any consequences!

Similarly to other horse games, you can breed your horses as well. However, in order to do that, you’ll need another horse. You can adopt another horse for 100,000 coins. There are also special, mystical horses and creatures, like Pegasus, available, but those will cost ample amount of Game Credits (in-game currency that you’ll need real money to buy).

One of the special features to note in this game is branding. In A Virtual Horse, you are given free rein to create your own brand and, then, use it to mark your horses. However, do note that branded horses are harder to sell at the Trade Office since the brand cannot be removed.

Overall, I believe that A Virtual Horse has the best animated horses that I’ve seen so far. The realistic graphics are definitely something that will take its players’ breath away. The games are challenging and fun too, and most importantly, you will get to experience the joys of having a virtual horse.

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