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Monster High thumb

Monster High

Join the cool Monster High gang on their thrilling adventures!

Watch the Monster High webisodes or rock to the ‘We are Monster High’ song.

Meet the Monster High student body and learn to embrace your imperfections like they do!

Join the cool Monster High gang on their thrilling adventures!

Watch the Monster High webisodes or rock to the ‘We are Monster High’ song.

Meet the Monster High student body and learn to embrace your imperfections like they do!

Fashioned after a high school setting, Monster High is all about embracing your differences and be proud of your own uniqueness. In fact, at Monster High, they don’t just embrace their differences… they celebrate it!

Venture into the perfectly imperfect world of Monster High, where you join the cool kids in school for loads of fun and adventure. Go ahead and register for Monster High by downloading and printing the Gore-ientation packet. With it, you are introduced to the staff and student body of Monster High, the classes available as well as a list of general tips for new Monster High students to ‘un-live’ by.

Once you are in, there are plenty of activities that await you at Monster High. You can start off by creating your profile, and share it with your friends. Deck your character out with trendy outfits and funky hairstyles from the Maul! You can even monsterfy your avatar limb by limb. Mix and match to your heart’s content as you are free to express yourself at Monster High! However, in order to buy the huge variety of clothes at the Maul, you’ll need to start earning Bones (the accepted currency at Monster High).

But don’t worry, it’s pretty easy to earn Bones. You can get Bones by exploring Monster High and checking out the profiles of the students there. Find out the freaky flaws that they are proud of! Read about their pet peeves as well as their favourite activities! Moreover, if you like them, why not pin them to your profile as well?

If gaming is in you, then you should definitely visit the games section. There are just so many fun games to choose from! There are Finders Kreepers, 13 Wishes, Cram Fest, Ghouls and Jewels, Casketball Queen and many more. These challenging puzzle games are sure to keep you entertained for hours on end! What’s more is that you can compete with your friends on the leaderboard!

Furthermore, don’t miss out on the Monster High free webisodes, such as Creature Creepers Adventure or Zombie Shake, exclusively on Monster High. Join the Monster High gang as they went on exciting adventures, solving problems along the way! Follow their journey into the first ever Monster High movie – Monster High: Frights, camera, action! in Blu-ray or DVD as well! If you like to read instead, there is also something for you at Monster High – you can read all about their thrilling adventures at the Library!

Moreover, there is a good deal of killer art assignments that you can print out and do. Download cool Monster High wallpapers for your desktop. Send a scream to the many students there or tune in to Freaky Fab 13 for more news and updates on Monster High!

Don’t forget to do the Monster High quiz to find out which of the Monster High students you are most alike with or rock to the ‘We are Monster High’ music on repeat. You can also vote for your favourite class at Monster High and complete tasks on your planner in Fearbook. You can even take part in the Monster High school pledge and join the global movement to celebrate individuality and stop the hate against people who are different!

There is also a School Spirit Meter whereby once you’ve filled it to the top, you can unlock special mystery prizes at the end of every month. How awesome is that? But of course I cannot tell you what kind of prize it is or it won’t be a mystery any longer, isn’t it? You will just have to wait until the end of the month to find out!

Willing to go one step further than any other Monster High students? Well, you can buy Monster High merchandise at the Shop. There are Monster High toys and their accessories for sale. Place them on the wishlist and let your parents know about it. Who knows? It may just be in one of your presents by your next birthday!

There is a slight annoying problem with Monster High though. You would find yourself logged out from time to time even though you are not idle on the website. In addition, this website is rather resource intensive on Google Chrome – it will hog your computer processing memory. They should also include a guide on how to scroll for the Maul as the scroll bar is not immediately obvious and can be hard to find.

Nevertheless, Monster High is an excellent and fun way for kids to be themselves, express themselves and embrace their ‘freaky flaws’. As the Monster High school motto goes ‘Be yourself, be unique, be a monster!’, so don’t worry about letting your inner monster out. At Monster High, everyone is a monster.

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