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Amazing World thumb

Amazing World

Explore wonderful places in the Amazing World!

Do exciting quests, play fun games and level up your skills.

Defeat the evil Queen Vexa and her Nix minions once and for all!

Explore wonderful places in the Amazing World!

Do exciting quests, play fun games and level up your skills.

Defeat the evil Queen Vexa and her Nix minions once and for all!

Welcome to the Amazing World of Zings! You start off by selecting a type of Zing that you like. You even get to pick a first and last name for your Zing. Then, you are brought to a flying ship whereby you are guided through the controls and introduced to the evil Queen of Nix, Queen Vexa.

From there, you are given a new home in Spring Bay and are free to explore the wonderful Amazing World! Do quests in order to earn experience points, skill points, AW coins and the occasional item or zone unlocked, but don’t worry, the quests aren’t boring at all! Quests will usually lead you to completing one of their many varieties of games, which include Springmobile, Catch Them All, Fling-a-zing, and Jump Around and, when you win, your Zing will perform an adorable victory dance.

There are also Nixes that will interfere with your game by blinding your screen, so watch out for those troublesome Nixes! Moreover, the difficulty of the games will gradually increase as you play, thus despite being rather easy at the beginning, it will get a little harder.

While questing, you will definitely notice the large number of players who are questing alongside with you. You can chat with them or even group up to do quests together. There are also cute emotes that you can use to show the world how you feel in that moment in the game. You can get your Zing to do a Macarena dance, play with an air guitar and many more others!

Furthermore, there is a ‘Team play’ system in place as well. Occasionally, there will be quests that everybody will automatically obtain to get rid of Nixes from a certain area. It usually involved players running all over the area trying to scare Nixes out of existence while competing with each other in order to get the highest score for that event. If you don’t get the highest score, don’t be sad you’ll still get coins and XP points too!

In Amazing World, it’s pretty easy to gather huge amounts of money as well as to get to the next level. There are just so many quests for you to do! Each set of chain quests are based on different skills. So you’ll need to decide which skills you want to level first and find the quest giver who is the trainer for that skill. By doing quests given out by that quest giver, you will earn Skill Points for only that skill and there are around 10 different skills for non-members while members can get more than 15 skills! You’ll never run out of quests to play!

If you’re the rebellious sort, well, you can opt out from doing any of the quests and just go exploring. There are many Nixes scattered all around the zones for you to find and scare. You can get bonus coins too!

When you’re tired of adventuring and finally wanted to use some of that horde of money you’ve accumulated, try decorating your home or garden, or even buy yourself some new fabulous clothes! The variety for clothes and furniture are not as many since a lot of them can only be bought by members. However, there are still enough for you to play around with.

If you like the game, why not join the elite group of members by getting yourself a membership? Members get to have more quests, and more access to goods and emotes! Membership has a monthly fee for real money.

In short, Amazing World is indeed the amazing world that it promotes itself to be. The fluffy carefree feeling that Amazing World delivers to its players as well as its cartoony yet superb environments and characters, and, of course, the funny dialogues are exactly part of the recipe to successfully keeping its players coming back for more!

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