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Starside Celebrity Resort thumb

Starside Celebrity Resort

Bring back the glory days of a resort.

Play two games in every level.

Complete tasks and watch the resort transform.

Bring back the glory days of a resort.

Play two games in every level.

Complete tasks and watch the resort transform.

Congratulations! You are now an owner of an island paradise. The problem is the resort is in utter disrepair. Before you can earn lots of money and bring celebrities over, you have to restore it to its glory days.

Starside - Celebrity Resort is a game or two within a game. This is because it’s a combination of virtual simulation and match 3. To help you understand, consider this. You need to complete different levels to repair the beach resort. Each level will have one objective like add a welcome guest banner, fix the dock, or add some lamp posts.

You don’t have to do any of these tasks. Rather, you use your magic or buy your way out of labor with a shell. It’s, therefore, the shell you need to work hard for. How do you earn the shell? You have to play the match 3.

For the match 3 games, you will deal with fruits and juices because, well, this is a tropical island! There’s no time limit, but you have only very limited number of moves. In every level, there’s a match 3 goal, which is usually collecting X number of oranges, grapes, etc. In some instances, you need to bring those cocktail glasses down and out of the grid to win the game. There’s a nice progression with the match-3 games. You start with easy goals and patterns and move on to grids with blocks you need to clear.

There will come the point when the match 3 level is going to be difficult, so this is where the bonuses or boosters come in. They help clear items on the grid to speed up the gaming process. The game can continue even if you’ve completed the level so that you can rack up more points.

The game will also give you money, which you need in case you fail to win the game. You will receive five extra moves. The more you get extras, though, the more coins you spend. If you already run out of coins, you can work hard to win or buy them with real money.

Overall, the gameplay makes what could be a boring simulation app more engaging and exciting. Nevertheless, you may still feel you can do more other than match 3 and paying tasks with shells. It doesn’t help that you’re talking to virtual characters. You’ll probably hope for more active participation or dynamics.

Starside - Celebrity Resort’s sound and graphics are okay. They’re not the best out there, but the images don’t appear grainy, which is important since you’re playing in full screen.

In the end, this game gives a fresh twist to the usual match 3 game by supplementing it with simulation. In fact, it’s one of the very few casual games of its kind with a solid, clear storyline.

Don’t miss the chance to experience it yourself by downloading the game app from Google Play.

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