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Rappelz brings you a new realm to explore, with amazing customisation options.

Tame monsters you find to help you on your journey.

Explore and defeat your enemies to become the most powerful hero in the world.

Rappelz brings you a new realm to explore in this free MMO.

Tame monsters you find to help you on your journey.

Explore and defeat your enemies to become the most powerful hero in the world.

In Rappelz there are three races and many classes to choose from, each has its own unique game play and skills, allowing you to build your hero as you see fit. Each race and role also has a different stat level progression, so figuring your play style and goals will greatly improve your character. The abundance of skills also allows you to combine different aspects of the character into one hero. Being a support character with healing and buffs doesn't prevent you from dealing massive amounts of damage when needed, allowing anyone to become whatever hero they like.

Rappelz features two level systems, one is the your normal character level which increases by killing monsters and completing quest, this level define your gear requirements as well as your experience percentage gain from monsters. The other, and more important level is your job level. As you kill monsters and finish quests, you will get job points in addition to experience. Job points are used to either increase your job level or to unlock and improve your job skills. Balancing the use of job points on skills and levels can be tough on your character efficiency but don’t worry if you made a mistake since there are basically endless job points to be gained, allowing a dedicated player to max his entire arsenal of skills, though it might take some time.

Progressing your job level increases your characters main stats according to the character race and the current job. higher job levels will also unlock new skills to use, however, each new job or skill level will cost a higher amount of job points, so plan accordingly. Upon reaching certain character level and job level you will be able to evolve your character to it’s next class. This will reset the job level since you start a new job, but will enable the use of new skills as well as increased stat points. The goal is to reach your Master job which provides the ultimate power, both in skills and in stats.

The variety of skills allows unparalleled customization of your character, it’s up to you to decide how to play your character so feel free to experiment as there are no wrong choices. Every player needs companions, and in Rappelz every monster is a potential pet for you to use, all you need is the appropriate pet card and to successfully tame it and it will be yours.

Pets gain levels when killing monsters with you, granting job points you can use to increase it’s skills or teach new ones. Pets can also be upgraded with equipment, giving higher attributes and skills. There is no limit to how many pets you can collect, allowing the use of different pets for different situations. Pets are a powerful tool that can easily tip the scales to your favor.

Building your gear is another main aspect in Rappelz, you can easily upgrade equipment you find in your travels as well as enchanting and socketing them for additional attributes to help your hero exploring the world in ease. Some rare items can even increase your skills level, so be on the lookout for those special items.

Rappelz's world is huge, with many different areas to discover, containing a variety of monsters and dungeons for you to beat. Rappelz's graphics are pretty realistic, the monster and character design are cool and with fluent animation it's easy to submerge yourself in the world of Rappelz. The game-play is easy to learn, there are many custom bars to organize your skills and items usage, at first the abundance of buttons might be overwhelming but it’s pretty easy to understand the different shortcuts and how the game mechanics work.

With so many skills and different characters possibilities, fighting other players can be quite intense. PVP is the ultimate showdown of skill and equipment, which allows perfecting your game senses and skill control as well as giving you the bragging right would you prevail. Rappelz manages to invent itself as a cool and unique MMORPG, with tons of new content, special skill and pet systems, great character development and fun combat system.

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