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Grand Fantasia thumb

Grand Fantasia

Enter the world of Saphael and take your first steps to greatness.

Raise your own companion as you level.

Play solo or with friends to slay epic monsters.

Enter the world of Saphael and take your first steps to greatness.

Raise your own companion as you level.

Play solo or with friends to slay epic monsters.

From Aeria Games, one of the biggest developers of online games comes Grand Fantasia, a cute and marvelously designed anime like massive multi player role playing game that focus on character development and cool unique aspects.

You start your journey by picking your gender and customizing your character apparel with the different body possibilities. All will give your character a cute anime like look and expressions, here you can also customize your sprite, your little companion during your adventure. the character creation window shows the different classes in the game, allowing you to pick in advance which class you would like to play. even though you don’t need to pick your job until level 5, this is helpful when you choose your sprite, as this little fellow comes with some abilities, so you can pick the right sprite that will complement your character.

You will start your journey as a Novice, entering the world of Saphael in Siwa island, where you will learn the basics of the world and gameplay of Grand Fantasia. Upon reaching level 5 you will face a hard decision, which path would you like to walk? there are four basic classes to choose from, fighter, acolyte and spell caster, each has it’s own style and abilities, although item-wise there are weapons that can overlap across several classes, still each class has some special weapons and armor so the variety of items remains pretty high.

Once you reach level 15 you will have a second class advancement that will unlock more skills and talents. at level 30 there is another character evolution, this time you will have to pick between two distinct classes for your character, this is your major decision, as it will decide your play style as well as what will be your final evolution when you reach level 65.

This might sound like low numbers, changing class every 5-10-15 levels seems fast, however the game’s experience rate is pretty low as well as the monsters being pretty challenging, allowing for a long and enjoyable game, where you will need to work to level and get the better gear, giving a great sense of accomplishment and plenty online hours of fun.

Grand Fantasia puts your character to work as it features several crafting mechanics. You can smith armor and weapons, create consumable and upgrade stones and even get talents by alchemy. Your basic crafting is done by your sprites. Each sprite has it’s own smithing ability (varies from swords, axes, mage armor, ammo and more) and two gathering abilities that will complement the smithing ability. The more you use your sprite’s abilities, the better they’ll become, allowing the sprite to collect and create more and better items. crafting costs money and time, so pace yourself, there is no real need to spend your hard earned coin on creating a high level item you cannot use instead of buying crucial potions and skills.

Your sprite isn't only a portable work bench, it is a major part of the game, sprites have moods and you need to work on your relationship with them, a sprite can refuse to work if it’s mood is low, so make sure to keep them happy. You can have up to three sprites, but only your first one, named your guardian sprite, can level and evolve, becoming a stronger and better one. Sprites can be equipped with items granting special bonuses and can also be used to fight other sprites in a special sprites arena to increase their fighting capabilities.

As in any RPG, skills are crucial for success, in Grand Fantasia there are skills and there are talents. Skills can easily be obtained from a skill trainer, a npc that will sell you skills for a price. talents however are passive skills that requires purchasing a talent scroll and gathering items for alchemy in order to acquire it. As you level you will gain access to more talents and skills, ultimately reaching master skills that will require sacrificing a percentage of your exp to level.

Combat system in Grand Fantasia is pretty decent, battles can be quite a challenge as the monsters doesn't take pity and will deal a decent amount of damage, with slow hp recovery rate and potions cool-down, this makes battles for more than just point and click and makes using skills and abilities crucial in order to end up victorious while minimizing the damage dealt to you.
For the social aspects, Grand Fantasia features the normal party and guild systems, guilds also have their own unique skills that benefit the entire guild and will require each member’s help acquiring them.

Grand Fantasia features a fair amount of items and upgrading capabilities, except for crafting equipment, items are also obtainable as usual from monster and shops, while some loot boxes can have some amusing results (try and found out for yourself).

The game’s interface is pretty clear and simple, the map contains everything you need to know about the region, the quest system has an auto walk ability to find the quest giver or goal, there are help menus that greatly reduce the confusion when entering a new game and the information is coherent and well written.

Grand Fantasia is truly a grand adventure, with cute anime like graphics, cuddly little companions, challenging battle system and a decent character development that simply makes for a good and fun game, one you can easily dwell into and enjoy hours of gameplay.

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