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Talisman Online thumb

Talisman Online

Choose your role and step into a beautiful world.

Defend the innocents from the emerging evil.

Use your talismans to great effect and become the hero you were born to be.

Choose your role and step into a beautiful world.

Defend the innocents from the emerging evil.

Use your talismans to great effect and become the hero you were born to be.

You start your adventure in the world of Talisman Online by choosing one of the five available classes, the classes are very different and each one has it’s own unique role in the game.

As in every MMORPG, you gain experience by completing quests and killing the monsters that inhabit the world, Talisman Online has plenty of quests to keep you busy and will advance you in this great world. The game mechanics are pretty simple to learn and the different windows are detailed and easy to understand.

There are several interesting features in Talisman Online that distinguish it from other MMORPGs. The key feature is the unique skill system, in Talisman skills are bound to your weapon, which is that talisman you are using. Each class has different talismans, and as a result different skills. You can equip one weapon talisman and two assistant talismans, each will allow you to use special skills according to it’s type and level.

As you kill monsters and finish quests, you will receive energy as well as experience and money, the energy can be used to enhance your talisman and upgrade it to the next level when each level increases it’s stats, a talisman can’t reach higher level than the character’s level and has a max level and bonuses. When you find a better talisman, you don’t need to discard your old one and start upgrading the new as you can merge them in order to increase the level of the better one, this is great as it doesn't make upgrading lesser talisman a waste of energy.

As a result this is a pretty interesting skill system as the skills are bound to the type and level of your talismans, allowing you to play your character as you see fit and alternating between talismans and skills according to your current needs without worrying about wasting skill points as in most games where you are bound to your one type of weapon and skill sets.

Besides the talismans, there are plenty of different types of items you can equip, some of them come with predefined bonuses that need to be unlocked using identifying stones. The fact you know what the bonuses are before identifying is great as you don’t need to spend stones for bonuses you don’t need. There is a cool feature in the inventory to sort your items which is rather useful. You can also upgrade your talisman with gems to add different bonuses according to it’s rank or by using soul infusion to strengthen its attributes.

Talisman Online is heavily quest oriented, most of the time there is a quest to do to get experience, energy and even powerful talismans. Tracking quests is easy and the map shows where to go, but there is no auto-walk option.

As in many other games, Talisman Online also supports a pet system with various pets that are used to raise the attributes of their owner and can gain additional skills and better bonuses as they level up and grow. You can also acquire a mount that will greatly increase your movement speed while those mounts can be upgraded to increase their speed and appearance, allowing you to customize your character appearance some more and boast your awesome mount.

There are several interesting systems such as the soul system that adds skills and experience when you’re offline and reputation system to track your reputation in the different areas in the world. There’s an auction house where you can sell your items, a master-apprentice system to increase experience gain, weekly events and of course a pvp system.

In Talisman Online there aren't instanced dungeons at the moment, but there are some big bosses walking around in the world, waiting to be killed and looted for some high level gear.

The graphics are pretty good and the world is marvelously designed. There is a certain flow when you’re in combat, it’s usually more than just click on the monster as your skills matter and stack for additional effect, so it doesn't degrade to simple mindless grinding.

Talisman Online is a well designed MMORPG, with a unique skill system that works well, cool and different characters with distinct play styles, rather fun combat system and plenty of features for the average gamer. Quests, upgrading your gear and the weekly events will keep you occupied for a long time in this popular and fun game.

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