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Enter an exciting fast paced MMO FPS where you battle to save the world from an evil organization.

Customize your loadout to suit your play style and take part in furious fights.

Enjoy a huge range of different battle styles and formats in a stunning new game.

Phantomers is currently in a close beta based in Turkey, though the game is accessible from the link provided we will update this review as the game progresses.

The Knosis have made themselves known and thrown the world into chaos. As an elite fighter and member of the Phantomers it is up to you to stop them. Here you are drawing a line to prevent their world domination. Using your skills and some of the best equipment around you will join the battlefields of war.

In this stunning MMO FPS you get to choose from a range of characters and equipment before you join a game. Each character has a unique look and you can create sets of weapons in advance and choose the one you want before you play. You have all the guns you could want from top end Sniper Rifles to up close and personal Shotguns.

You can also upgrade your guns with custom fittings, sights and better ammo as well as take in unique equipment like drones and special spread rifles that do a huge amount of damage. There are a lot of different weapons for you to pick from and customize so you can take the loadout for you.

There are several different game modes, Team Deathmatch, Plant the Bomb, Take and Hold as well as a series of elite games and unique weapons only arenas where you can test your skills. You can also join a clan and play in battles that rank you and your clan and the higher you are the better your rewards.

The store has everything you need and uses 2 different currencies, gold coins and diamonds. Both of these are earned in the game, though Diamonds are rarer as they are the real money currency of the game. Though there is the option to spend real money you can be competitive in the game without doing so if you wish.

The game looks and plays amazingly well. The top end graphics give you an immersive and fun experience where the battle is the forefront of the game. The UI is easy to use and the sounds really compliment the game very well.

Overall there is so much for you to do in Phantomers, you have a lot of battles, a PVE environment to explore and so much choice you can play the game your own way. With a growing player base in just the Beta there is an exciting future for the game. Here you have a fast paced and exciting MMO Shooter full of action waiting for you to jump in.

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