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Games Like Tomb Raider VR: Lara's Escape

Games Like Tomb Raider VR: Lara's Escape Play as the renowned treasure hunter, Lara Croft, as she explores an ancient tomb

Avoid or overcome traps using Lara's iconic climbing ax and bow

Experience the thrill of escaping near-death scenarios as you make your way to the surface
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Games Like Twobit


9 Rate Use your gaze to control a little robot called Twobit in this unique VR puzzle-platform game

Explore the place Twobit is trapped in and uncover the mystery behind the place

Race against the clock to find a way to escape as something terrible is on its way
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Games Like The Rabbit Hole

The Rabbit Hole

7 Rate Solve tricky puzzles in an attempt to escape from the room you're trapped in

Immerse yourself in a dark and creepy room with brilliant sound effects

Live an Escape the Room experience in Virtual Reality
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Games Like Lost In The Kismet

Lost In The Kismet

8 Rate Interact with objects in the scene by simply staring

Scour the room to find all the clues you'll need

Use the clues you've found to solve various tricky puzzles and escape!

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Games Like Hidden Fortune

Hidden Fortune

- Rate Enter a world of magic and set off on an adventurous treasure hunt in Hidden Fortune

Use your wand to cast Magic Orbs, collect trinkets, and solve challenging puzzles

Play the first chapter for free and you can buy the second chapter if you're interested
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Games Like Herobound: First Steps

Herobound: First Steps

- Rate Set off on an adventure through underground ruins and ancient ruins to seek for hidden treasures

Engage in exciting hack-and-slash battles with various monsters and solve fun puzzles

Be always on the lookout for secret content and hidden caches scattered throughout the game
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Games Like Mr Cat’s Adventure

Mr Cat’s Adventure

10 Rate Help Mr Cat stay alive on his exciting adventure through alien and uncharted lands

Using a turn-based method, you'll need to solve various tricky puzzles to proceed

Eliminate monsters, pull levers, avoid traps and rescue the adorable pet at the end
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Games Like My Principal is an Alien

My Principal is an Alien

- Rate Find out why strange things are happening in your school when the new principal showed up

Set off on your own investigation to seek the truth behind the old Principal Wilson's disappearance

Navigate through various school issues like avoiding detention and outsmarting your teachers
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Games Like A Most Curious Murder

A Most Curious Murder

- Rate Break into the police's evidence storage at night

Try to find evidence that can acquit you of murder

Piece together the clues to find out what truly happened
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Games Like Totems In Dreamland

Totems In Dreamland

10 Rate Help XiaoShan navigate the dangerous and labyrinthine dream world

Fight orcs, dragons and mummies as he searches for the legendary lost totems

Will XiaoShan manage to escape the dreamland in one piece?
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Games Like Finding VR

Finding VR

6.3 Rate Help out the poor stone giant to retrieve his stolen powers from the dark side

Defeat any enemy that stand in your way by throwing bombs or barrels

Break barrels to collect extra lives and other goodies
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Games Like Colosse


10 Rate Experience an excellently developed short film in virtual reality

Follow the story of a crab hunter in his encounter with an ancient Colosse

Gain some insights behind the existence of the stone giants

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Games Like Lucky's Tale

Lucky's Tale

10 Rate Join Lucky the charismatic fox on his adventure across a beautiful world

Collect as many coins as you can while hopping from one platform to another

Avoid murderous creatures and other dangers along the way
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Games Like Sea Hero Quest

Sea Hero Quest

- Rate Navigate your little boat, dubbed the Sea Hero, on open seas, arctic rivers and mysterious marches

Enjoy the game's heartwarming storyline as you search the waters for elusive creatures to capture

Help a group of researchers use your anonymous navigational data to potentially cure dementia
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Games Like Cerevrum


10 Rate Experience the world's first brain-training virtual reality game

Have fun playing the many games to improve your cognitive function

Difficulty of the games are personalized to suit your skill level and needs
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Games Like InMind VR

InMind VR

10 Rate Shrink into a microscopic level and journey into a patient's brain

Search for problematic neurons that causes mental disorders

With surgical precision, use the blaster you've been given to fix the neuron

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