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Games Like Shironeko VR Project

Games Like Shironeko VR Project Pick from the various different characters and build up your team

Run and complete quests while trying to earn 3 crowns per level

Engage in exciting action-based boss fights
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Games Like Herobound Gladiators

Herobound Gladiators

10 Rate Work cooperatively with your friends to bring down a variety of monsters

Upgrade and hone your character's abilities and skills

Unlock and collect as many cosmetic items as you can
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Games Like Slot Tub Party

Slot Tub Party

10 Rate Travel to Vegas in virtual reality and experience slots like never before!

Head over to the beach and play slots to the soothing sounds of the waves

Or take to the skies and play slots while you're suspended in midair in a hot air balloon
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Games Like Solitaire Jester

Solitaire Jester

8 Rate Experience the fun of playing solitaire in virtual reality

Move cards from the board to the base using only your gaze

Take on the Jester's challenge today and see how you fare!

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Games Like Casino VR Poker

Casino VR Poker

9 Rate Experience a realistic casino environment that features 6 Texas Hold’em poker tables

Enjoy playing poker in virtual reality with your friends or random strangers

Chat with other players using the game's spatial voice chatting system
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Games Like Magic Table Chess

Magic Table Chess

9 Rate Enjoy playing the classic strategy game of chess through the magic of virtual reality

Play against your friends or other players in friendly or ranked online multiplayer matches

Customize your chess set or even the room you play the game in to your liking
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Games Like Finding VR

Finding VR

6.3 Rate Help out the poor stone giant to retrieve his stolen powers from the dark side

Defeat any enemy that stand in your way by throwing bombs or barrels

Break barrels to collect extra lives and other goodies
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Games Like Fantasy Pets

Fantasy Pets

8 Rate Adopt and raise your very own virtual pet in Fantasy Pets

Take good care of your pet by feeding and playing with it

Grow your pet and watch it evolve into the next stage
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Games Like Bait!


9 Rate Pick any location you like on the map and start fishing

Catch as many types of fishes as you can and complete the Fish-o-pedia

Upgrade your fishing tools to allow you to catch bigger and more variety of fishes

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Games Like One-Man VurgeR

One-Man VurgeR

10 Rate Manage your own one-man burger stall in this exciting time management game in VR

Prepare, cook and serve delicious burgers to your less-than-patient customers

Earn as much money as you can before the end of the work day
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Games Like 405 Road Rage

405 Road Rage

10 Rate Experience the exhilaration of weaving through traffic in virtual reality

Bump, side-swipe or ram your way through traffic in this fun driving simulation

Upgrade your vehicle with powerful weaponry or unlock new vehicles
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Games Like Audio Arena

Audio Arena

10 Rate Survive in a malleable arena modified by the beat of the music

Use headtilt to dodge enemies and collect power-ups

Collect power-ups on the correct beat to get more scores
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Games Like Word Search VR

Word Search VR

- Rate Search for various words of varying lengths in brilliant 360 degrees

Choose any topic you like, each with their own unique backgrounds

Select one of three difficulty ratings that you are most comfortable with
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Games Like The Rabbit Hole

The Rabbit Hole

7 Rate Solve tricky puzzles in an attempt to escape from the room you're trapped in

Immerse yourself in a dark and creepy room with brilliant sound effects

Live an Escape the Room experience in Virtual Reality
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Games Like Dragon Front

Dragon Front

10 Rate Take control one of four unique, devout factions and change the past to restore the future

Construct your deck with soldiers, champions and fortifications, and head to the 4x4-grid battlefield

Test your mettle with other players online via head-tracking and VOIP
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Games Like Chess Garden VR

Chess Garden VR

- Rate Challenge your opponent to a game of chess in a picturesque garden

Play in 3 difficulty levels well-suited for a newcomer right up to the veteran chess player

Enjoy the calm and beautiful virtual garden as you play chess
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