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Games Like Second Life

Games Like Second Life Create an avatar and customize it to your liking

Build beautiful virtual worlds or design your own items

Enjoy meeting new people and making new friends
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Games Like Altspace VR

Altspace VR

- Rate Hang out with people in this virtual reality in Altspace VR

Enjoy playing games with your friends

Attend any one of the many events in the game
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Games Like vTime


1 Rate Socialize with family and friends in space or by a campfire via virtual reality

Customize your avatar to make him or her utterly unique

Go world-hopping and explore the various virtual worlds that vTime has to offer
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Games Like Bean VR

Bean VR

- Rate Socialize with players from all around the world virtually through Bean VR

Customize your avatars from tip to toe, adopt cute pets, take selfies and more

Enjoy fun mini-games, watch a movie at the cinema or simply hang out with your friends
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Games Like Minecraft


10 Rate Play Minecraft and build your own world. Create anything that your imagination comes up with, from your dream house to magical islands.

Gather materials from everything in the world.

Create items and buildings wherever you wish.

The only limit is your imagination!
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Games Like Complex VR

Complex VR

- Rate Enjoy exploring a variety of topics through original videos from the Complex library

Meet up and chat with friends or even make new ones at the Social Room

Customize your very own avatar to suit your taste and mood
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Games Like VRChat


- Rate Explore impressive virtual worlds in VR Chat with your new friends

Enjoy a friendly match of Capture the Flag, Sheriff vs Robbers or any mini-game

Have fun creating your own worlds or customizing your avatar
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Games Like Rec Room

Rec Room

- Rate Meet and make new friends at this amazing virtual reality social club

Have fun playing multiplayer games like paintball, ping pong and more

Enjoy customize your avatar's appearance or simply hang out at the Lounge
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Games Like Slot Tub Party

Slot Tub Party

10 Rate Travel to Vegas in virtual reality and experience slots like never before!

Head over to the beach and play slots to the soothing sounds of the waves

Or take to the skies and play slots while you're suspended in midair in a hot air balloon
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Games Like They Live to DESTROY!

They Live to DESTROY!

- Rate Create terrifying monsters in your secret evil lair and send them to raid and destroy other players' cities

Personalize your own metropolis and defend it from invading monsters or robots

Capture your monsters in action as they stomp and swipe their way to victory
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Games Like Sansar


- Rate Build your own amazing virtual world in VR and invite your friends to visit

Design and create various 3D assets that you can then sell to interested players

Venture forth to explore the many creative and exciting worlds Sansar's players have to offer

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Games Like Voxelus


9 Rate Create your own worlds or experience worlds created by others without writing any code

Buy new voxels at the marketplace or use pre-existing free assets to build your works

Collaborate with your friends to realize your combined imaginations
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Games Like Ready Player One: OASIS

Ready Player One: OASIS

- Rate Experience the Oasis like Wade did in Ready Player One

Enjoy 4 unique and iconic mini-games from Smash to the Gauntlet

Compete with other players for the top positions on the leaderboard
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Games Like The Divergent Series: Allegiant VR

The Divergent Series: Allegiant VR

10 Rate Immerse yourself in a stunning post-apocalyptic Chicago envisioned in Divergent

Join Tris, Four and Caleb on their mission to foil David's and his Bureau of Genetic Welfare's plans

Interact with the characters you know and love

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Games Like Sisters


10 Rate Prepare yourself for the scare of your life with this incredibly eerie virtual reality game

Be careful of where you look, because something malicious is hiding in the shadows

Feel the goosebumps pop up as you watch the horror unfolds before your very eyes
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Games Like Busuu


- Rate Learn Spanish by interacting with the Mendoza family as they get ready for a Mexican fiesta

Use advanced speech technology to ask and answer questions in Spanish

Explore the beautiful Mexican hacienda and meet the many quirky characters
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