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Games Like Colosse

Games Like Colosse Experience an excellently developed short film in virtual reality

Follow the story of a crab hunter in his encounter with an ancient Colosse

Gain some insights behind the existence of the stone giants

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Games Like Sea Hero Quest

Sea Hero Quest

- Rate Navigate your little boat, dubbed the Sea Hero, on open seas, arctic rivers and mysterious marches

Enjoy the game's heartwarming storyline as you search the waters for elusive creatures to capture

Help a group of researchers use your anonymous navigational data to potentially cure dementia
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Games Like InCell VR

InCell VR

- Rate Explore the wonders of the human cell in this interactive experience

Enjoy playing the many educational mini-games available InCell VR

Learn about the how cellular functions work via virtual reality
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Games Like The Divergent Series: Allegiant VR

The Divergent Series: Allegiant VR

10 Rate Immerse yourself in a stunning post-apocalyptic Chicago envisioned in Divergent

Join Tris, Four and Caleb on their mission to foil David's and his Bureau of Genetic Welfare's plans

Interact with the characters you know and love

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Games Like Little Witch: Pie Delivery

Little Witch: Pie Delivery

8 Rate Help the little witch deliver pipping hot pies to her customers

Dodge, roll and duck to avoid obstacles as she navigate the streets of the city

Reach the destination as fast as you can to earn the highest score
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Games Like Temple Run VR

Temple Run VR

10 Rate Steal the idol and set off on the run of your life in this exciting endless runner game, Temple Run VR! Read More
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Games Like Wendy


9 Rate Use your newfound powers of telekinesis to move objects in the magical tower

Solve a series of puzzles to uncover ingredients for a potion you need to brew

Follow the recipe provided, add the ingredients into the cauldron and brew the potion
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Games Like Dragon Front

Dragon Front

10 Rate Take control one of four unique, devout factions and change the past to restore the future

Construct your deck with soldiers, champions and fortifications, and head to the 4x4-grid battlefield

Test your mettle with other players online via head-tracking and VOIP
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Games Like Sisters


10 Rate Prepare yourself for the scare of your life with this incredibly eerie virtual reality game

Be careful of where you look, because something malicious is hiding in the shadows

Feel the goosebumps pop up as you watch the horror unfolds before your very eyes
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Games Like Space Dodge

Space Dodge

7 Rate Assume the role of an up-and-coming airship pilot in a futuristic world

Embark on a secret mission and travel safely across the galaxy

Push your piloting skills to the limits as you weave and dodge around obstacles
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Games Like Conflict 0: Shattered

Conflict 0: Shattered

- Rate Infiltrate a highly secure, military base in your mech in Conflict 0: Shattered

Fight off waves of enemies be it drones or other mechs in epic battles

Immerse yourself in the game's post-war storyline and atmosphere
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Games Like Dark Tale Dungeon Lite

Dark Tale Dungeon Lite

- Rate Piece together differently-shaped blocks to seal the dungeon entrance

Use your gun to move and turn the blocks so they can match the puzzle

Avoid getting shot at by the boss' minions and stop the boss from finally exiting the dungeon!
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Games Like Wave Magic: Battle

Wave Magic: Battle

- Rate Stand and fight against hordes of homonculi summoned by ancient mages

Hone your magical skills by mastering the elements by defeating your enemies

Use the GearVR Controller to aim your spells before casting them
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Games Like A Night Sky

A Night Sky

- Rate Lie down, relax and have fun connecting the stars in the open night sky

Form amazing constellation patterns using Gear VR's controller

Watch in amazement as your constellation patterns come to life
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Games Like Treasure Hunter VR

Treasure Hunter VR

- Rate Set off on an exciting adventure to the ancient pyramids in Egypt

Solve challenging puzzles by reflecting light off the correct dishes

Explore the meticulously recreated interior of a typical Egyptian pyramid
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Games Like Balloon Shooter VR

Balloon Shooter VR

- Rate Put your aiming skills to the test in this fun VR shooting game, Balloon Shooter VR!

Shoot at various enemies in over 100 procedurally-generated levels and take on the big mean dragon at the end

Upgrade your weapon and use power-ups to ensure victory in every level

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