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Games Like Wizard 101

Games Like Wizard 101 Join the Ravenwood Academy and enter a magical world full of possibility.

Enjoy fun mini games and create and look after your own wonderful pets.

Decorate your own house and create your perfect home.
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Games Like Lego Minifigures Online

Lego Minifigures Online

7 Rate Enjoy a brilliant world full of adventure as you collect new Lego characters.

Discover new worlds to explore and build your way through a fun story.

Swap between your minifigures at any time to make the best of their skills.
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Games Like Ensemble Online

Ensemble Online

9.8 Rate Enter a never before seen world that joins together all the best aspects of sandbox, RTS and MMO games.

Create your character and customize it however you see fit with a huge variety of options to help you do so.

Make a name for yourself in the world by using the piece of land given to you and utilizing it to become a force to be reckoned with.
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Games Like Synthetic World

Synthetic World

9.7 Rate Turn all your creative ideas into reality in a world where you can do just about anything.

Create unique worlds of your own to explore and visit worlds that other people have created.

Gather resources from wherever you can to help you construct amazing large scale structures.
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Games Like Kitely


9.1 Rate Explore the huge variety of virtual worlds created by people.

Create your own virtual world where you make the rules.

Create a cool looking avatar that’s just like you.
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Games Like Skyrama


- Rate Build your aircraft fleet and send them all around the world.

Grow your airport from scratch and turn into a commercial hub of air travel.

Use your management skills in overseeing the day-to-day activities in the airport.
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Games Like Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod

10 Rate Create anything you want in a stunning Sandbox with millions of options.

Enjoy the games and spaces others have made in a massive online community.

Truly personalize your space and a part of this world your own.
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Games Like Cubic Castles

Cubic Castles

10 Rate Build your own personal realm with in-world materials in Cubic Castles.

Visit other people’s realms and get inspirations, or collaborate with other users to build your realm.

Organize activities like Roleplaying and many others in your realm.
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Games Like Steps Evolution

Steps Evolution

8.8 Rate We are sorry to announce that the developers of the game have closed the game and it is no longer available. Please feel free to browse our Games Like Steps Evolution List.

Play through the glamorous world of Steps Evolution with your own customized character.

Choose your tracks from an absolutely enormous variety.

Get a pet of your own preference thanks to the in-depth pet system.
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Games Like Blockland


9.5 Rate Create your own buildings using bricks.

Engage in multiplayer battles that take place in a vivid block world.

Interact with gamers all over the globe and compete or cooperate.
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Games Like Xulu


- Rate Explore a beautiful futuristic world with stunning graphics and detail.

Participate in community games or create your own with the venue designer.

Be awed by the realistic world physics and imagery of the virtual world.
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Games Like Need For Speed

Need For Speed

8.2 Rate Need for Speed World is the FREE to play online racing game where you decide how to play in a massively multiplayer world

Connect with friends or race against the world as you rise through the rankings. Race the very latest cars or relive classic NFS moments with the ever-expanding car list.

Stamp your identity on the cars with an endless combination of paints and liveries.

Race your way to the top of the leaderboards! Racing the fastest cars all the way to the top!
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Games Like PetStories


- Rate PetStories Read More
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Games Like Utopia Realms

Utopia Realms

9.5 Rate Explore a virtual world of endless possibilities.

Utilize the amazing in-game editor to create amazing voxel models.

Share your creative models and designs with the community and download other community made designs for your own use.
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Games Like Star Stable

Star Stable

8.8 Rate Play Star Stable, the best 3D horse world, explore Jorvik, ride your very own horse anywhere and make new friends along the way.

Create your own character and choose your favorite horse.

Explore a massive world in stunning 3D.

Take you and your horse on a fantastic adventure.
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Games Like Pocket God

Pocket God

9.1 Rate Pocket God gives you the experience of being an almighty god with special powers and followers.

Explore the colorful world as you reach new islands, favor or sacrifice pygmies and unlock new cool powers and items.

Fight rival gods and see who is the mightiest god in this great game on Facebook.
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