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Games Like Star Stable

Games Like Star Stable Play Star Stable, the best 3D horse world, explore Jorvik, ride your very own horse anywhere and make new friends along the way.

Create your own character and choose your favorite horse.

Explore a massive world in stunning 3D.

Take you and your horse on a fantastic adventure.
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Games Like Alicia Online

Alicia Online

8.1 Rate Play this highly unique and addictive horse racing game that’ll take you on an unforgettable adventure.

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking game world that has amazing anime inspired graphics.

Enjoy lots of fun quests as you embark on fun journeys alongside your horse companion.
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Games Like Let’s Ride

Let’s Ride

5 Rate Enjoy Let’s Ride: Silver Buckle Stables, ride your horse in competitions or just for fun in your very own stables! This is a fantastic high quality game and can be purchased and downloaded from Amazon.

Choose your horse from 30 different breeds.

Pick a wardrobe for you and your own horse.

Enter competitions and become a AAA Grade Rider.
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Games Like Riding Stables 2

Riding Stables 2

8.4 Rate In My Riding Stables 2 you are able to repair, rebuild and own stables, ride your horses and then breed them to make your stable bigger.

Manage your horses and stables to make them grow.

Ride your horse in cross country events.

Breed your horses to sell or keep.
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Games Like Little Horses

Little Horses

7.7 Rate Little Horses is a Free Facebook Game where you can choose and name your own horse.

Feed and Groom your horse in your very own stable, you can even train them in Dressage.

When your horse is ready put them out to stud and breed your very own horses.
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Games Like Bella Sara

Bella Sara

6.4 Rate Adopt your very own magical horse, play games, and start your adventure on Bella Sara.

Raise horses and get a closer look behind the Bella Sara Novels.

Play with people from all around the world with plenty of activities and colorful games.
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Games Like Race


10 Rate In Race you can create your own stable full of prize racing horses! Train and equip your horses with the chance to win real money!

Create your stable and receive 2 free horses.

Train them and find out which surfaces suit the best.

Enter into races against other players from all over the world.
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Games Like Stallion Race

Stallion Race

7.2 Rate Stallion Race is a game played through Facebook that allows you to breed, train and most of all race horses.

Raise and train your own horses.

Equip them with special items to help them win races.

Race against the game and other players and win huge rewards.
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Games Like Horzer


7.8 Rate Horzer takes you to a whole new world full of wonderful horses, look after and feed them, then train, race or breed your horses.

Raise, train and race your own horses.

Build your own equestrian center and look after lots of horses.

Enter your horse into a detailed breeding program.
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Games Like Ride!


1 Rate Ride is a game from Big Fish, download the game and choose your event. This game is not free but you can download a free trial of the game to try.

Choose your discipline from Dressage, Cross Country and Show Jumping.

Practice your skills then choose your horse.

Train your horse and enter into competitions.
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Games Like Blazing Silks

Blazing Silks

10 Rate True peer-to-peer live racing over the Facebook platform.

Feed and train horses, manage their attributes and have the best horses.

Enjoy real-world racing tie-ins and track based promotions and contests for the real racing experience.
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Games Like My Horse

My Horse

10 Rate Groom and care for your horse with different activities in great 3D graphics.

Train to compete in a series of challenging show jumping competitions and try to reach the championship.

Share and visit your friends and help taking care of their horses.
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Games Like Aaron Ranch World

Aaron Ranch World

- Rate Manage your own ranch in this brand new simulation game that promises to impress.

Interact with all the different horses on your farm in various different ways.

Construct new structures on your ranch as you try to turn it into the most flourishing ranch there is in the world.
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Games Like Star Stable Horses

Star Stable Horses

- Rate Raise your very own virtual foal in Star Stable Horses by completing a series of daily tasks

Take good care of your foal, give it treats, attention and the love it needs, and train it well

Export your grown-up horse to your Star Stable Online account after it reaches level 10
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Games Like Riding Club Championships

Riding Club Championships

6.8 Rate Train horses and ride them in beautiful 3D graphics on Facebook.

Test your equestrian skills by navigating your horse through our Agility courses.

Create and design your very own courses with many items to use to decorate them.
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Games Like HorseHotel


- Rate Be the owner of your own ranch in HorseHotel and look after your clients’ trusty steeds.

Feed them, groom them, clean their stables, and play a variety of minigames to have them return to their owners happy.

Care for six different breeds, each with different needs and desires.
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