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Games Like Second Life

Games Like Second Life Be whatever your want to be in the most popular virtual world ever created.

With amazing avatar customization, endless surprises and unexpected delights designed for and by players like you.

Join the biggest online community and explore all it has to offer.
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Games Like Herotopia


8.7 Rate Play Herotopia and save the world from the Bully Bunch. Use your superpowers for good and along the way make yourself a cool hideout.

Save the Smighties and collect them all.

Play fun games and complete missions to stop the Bully Bunch.

Decorate your own super hideout with cool stuff.
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Games Like Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters

7.1 Rate Play Moshi Monsters and have fun catching your Moshlings and playing amazing games.

Create your monster and explore a bright fun world.

Grow plants to collect your moshlings.

Decorate your home and have friends come and visit.
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Games Like Webbli World

Webbli World

10 Rate We are sorry to say that the game is no longer available. Please feel free to browse through our list of Games like Webbli World here:

Change how you look at any time.

Buy cool stuff for your WebbliPod.

Play the racing game to win new clothes and furniture.
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Games Like Twinity


8.3 Rate Create your character and embark on an epic virtual life in which multitudes of memorable moments await you.

Customize your avatar according to your preferences and make it look as good as it possibly can.

Explore beautiful cities that have many amazing sights for you to take in.
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Games Like Club Penguin

Club Penguin

8.2 Rate Play Club Penguin and waddle around the world as you meet fellow penguins, play games and decorate your own igloo.

Choose your look and explore this amazing world.

Own pets and play cool games anywhere.

Decorate your own igloo with fun furniture and show it off to other people.
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Games Like Shining Star

Shining Star

9.2 Rate We are sorry to say that the game is no longer available. Please feel free to browse through our list of Games like Shining Star here:

Do jobs, decorate your home, shop for the coolest bling and advertise your character in fashion magazines.

Challenge your friends to a fashion showdown and emerge the victor!

Do you have what it takes to rise to the top? Join Shining Star to find out!
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Games Like Freggers


7.9 Rate Enter a fun virtual world filled with places to go and people to meet.

Get a house of your own and customize it according to the way you like it.

Interact and socialize with the people you meet in the game and go explore the world with them.
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Games Like Virtual Highway

Virtual Highway

8.2 Rate Enter an immense virtual world where you can do what you want, when you want.

Create an avatar truly unique to yourself and shop till you drop in a huge range of stores.

Participate in fun events and socialize with hundreds of other players all at once.
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Games Like Lady Popular

Lady Popular

7.8 Rate Play Lady Popular and enter a stunning world of fashion, fun and friends! Go shopping for you and your pets and enter into fashion shows to strut your stuff.

Choose or change your look whenever you want to.

Pick your outfit from thousands of options.

Strut your stuff on the catwalk.
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Games Like Active Worlds

Active Worlds

6.2 Rate In Active Worlds you can create your own world, the only limit is your imagination. Explore what others have created and enjoy this stunning social game.

Build your own island world with whatever you want.

Enjoy what others have created and discover new places.

Meet up with your friends and make new ones!
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Games Like Stardoll


9.2 Rate Create your very own Stardoll and live the glamorous life of your dreams!

Stardoll features the latest fashion, prettiest makeup and the ability to design your own clothes, hair and jewelry.

Show off to all your friends and become the days best dressed model.
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Games Like Tentacl


6.9 Rate Please note that this game is no longer run by the developers, Please click the play now button to go to our list of Games Like Tentacl.

Join a fabulous community in Tentacl, explore a unique forum style mixed with a fabulous avatar and fun items.

Create your avatar and express yourself.

Join in with a growing community of people all over the world.

Post about and comment on anything from games to art.
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Games Like Secret Builders

Secret Builders

5 Rate Go on an educational adventure in this exciting virtual world.

Take on quests, challenge players to games and learn new things.

Spice up your avatar and challenge your own aesthetic sense and artistry.
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Games Like Super Secret

Super Secret

6.8 Rate Create your avatar and explore the world of Super Secret, become the most stylish person around with a cool wardrobe and pimped out penthouse.

Choose your look and style.

Play great games to earn style bucks to spend on great stuff.

Own a pet and decorate your penthouse.
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Games Like Kim Kardashian Hollywood

Kim Kardashian Hollywood

8.8 Rate Immerse yourself in a life of fashion and glamour where the fun never seems to stop.

Start off as a simple salesperson and become a fashion model that everyone wants an interview with.

Have the famous Kim Kardashian accompany on your journey to fame and success.
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