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Games Like Rail Nation

Games Like Rail Nation Manage your very own railway company and go through the various challenges involved in running a successful company.

Buy new trains and upgrade your old ones for faster deliveries and larger profits.

Create new routes to expand your already massive railway network.
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Games Like Transport Empire

Transport Empire

- Rate Start with nothing and build up your flourishing transport empire that everyone wants to be a part of.

Buy new and improved vehicles for much more faster and efficient transport in all your areas.

Upgrade all your structures so that they may yield more resources that will drive your empire even further.
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Games Like Operate Now: Hospital

Operate Now: Hospital

- Rate Don’t just run a hospital – build it.

Put your managing skills to the test.

Get an overview of a real-life hospital setting.
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Games Like Anno Online

Anno Online

9.5 Rate Create and run an entire kingdom exactly the way you’ve always wanted to.

Start off from a simple settlement and transform it into a massive and flourishing empire.

Build ever bigger and better structures for your people as you play.
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Games Like Train Station: The Game on Rails

Train Station: The Game on Rails

9.5 Rate Manage your trains from the steam age to modern maglev machines.

Build your town around the tracks to improve your empire.

Collect special materials and passengers to generate your profit.
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Games Like Family Farm Seaside

Family Farm Seaside

- Rate Enjoy all the staples of a farming game on your mobile devices.

Get to work on neighbor farms to earn extra experience points and credits.

Never grow tired of repetitive tasks with so many quests and achievements to fill you up with progress.
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Games Like My Little Farmies

My Little Farmies

7 Rate Start growing crops and raising animals straight away.

Earn bonuses and money completing quests.

Create your own perfect farm.
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Games Like My Free Zoo

My Free Zoo

7.5 Rate Construct and manage your own zoo in this addictive experience filled with great fun.

Expand your zoo as you progress through the game so that you can house more fun activities for visitors.

Earn achievements along the way every time you do something noteworthy in the game to help keep you motivated.
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Games Like Stonies


- Rate Go back to the early days of mankind in this addicting simulation game that doesn’t disappoint.

Progress through the game to research new technologies so that the Stonies can live out a more convenient life.

Expand your village by constructing hunts and other structures for the people to reside in.
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Games Like Truck Nation

Truck Nation

- Rate Create a massive trucking empire that completely belongs to you.

Purchase new vehicles to help your company grow.

Make strategically advantageous decisions to make sure that you’re always a step ahead of everyone else.
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Games Like Train Sim

Train Sim

10 Rate Immerse yourself in this highly realistic train simulator game.

Choose from multitudes of true to life trains that are sure to provide an incredible experience.

Explore the world and enjoy multitudes of breathtaking environments alongside your journey.
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Games Like Line Brown Farm

Line Brown Farm

- Rate Manage and grow a farm.

Increase your sales by fulfilling visitor requests.

Meet other popular Line characters.
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Games Like Restaurant Story 2

Restaurant Story 2

- Rate Cook various recipes, serve them to your customers, and go on a culinary adventure inside your very own restaurant.

Acquire new recipes to try out different dishes, while decorating the restaurant of your dreams.

Improve your kitchen and visit restaurants owned by your friends to see how they are doing.
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Games Like Dream City: Metropolis

Dream City: Metropolis

10 Rate Play this exciting time management game in which you’ll get to build the city of your dreams.

Immerse yourself in a beautiful game world with vibrant 3D graphics.

Unlock new neighborhoods by growing your city further and further.
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Games Like Uptasia


- Rate Establish your very own prosperous business empire in this addictive game filled with activities for you to do.

Solve fun hidden object scenes to get some extra currency and experience under your belt.

Explore and unlock new areas to expand your business even further.
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Games Like 2020: My Country

2020: My Country

10 Rate Create a massive country of your own in this fast-paced and high addictive experience.

Play with friends and help each other out in various different ways.

Hire entrepreneurs to aid you in successfully running all that you’ve built up.
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