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Games Like Elvenar

Games Like Elvenar Explore a gorgeous world as you build up a huge city for either the Humans or the Elves.

Choose to negotiate or fight your way around the countryside as you expand your borders and seek to create your own kingdom.

Enjoy stunning graphics and fun gameplay in a brilliant browser game.
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Games Like Rail of War

Rail of War

- Rate Get your payload over to the destination!

Chug your way at the fastest possible speed through hordes of enemy machinery.

Finish missions to unlock other faster and more powerful trains.
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Games Like Tribez and Castlez

Tribez and Castlez

- Rate Gather resources and other collectibles in the game to complete building the kingdom that is strong and powerful.

Complete daily quests in the game that will help players advance in the game by leveling up.

Connect with friends in Facebook and Twitter to gain daily gem bonuses.
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Games Like My Mini City

My Mini City

- Rate Build a major metropolis in My Mini City, and turn a small community into a large, bustling city.

Manage every aspect of your city, from security, the cash flow, and the happiness of your citizens.

Decide what your city looks, place buildings on the right areas, and make it look amazing!
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Games Like ElectroCity


- Rate Manage your own town in New Zealand and turn it into a bustling metropolis by building different structures, like homes, buildings, and power plants.

Be treated to deep and immersive gameplay, and do things like manage your citizens’ happiness and create a better city for them.

Maintain a clean and green image without compromising your citizens’ needs.
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Games Like Rail Nation

Rail Nation

8.3 Rate Manage your very own railway company and go through the various challenges involved in running a successful company.

Buy new trains and upgrade your old ones for faster deliveries and larger profits.

Create new routes to expand your already massive railway network.
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Games Like MONOPOLY Towns


- Rate Bring the much-loved Monopoly game to life with MONOPOLY Towns, a game that lets you build a Monopoly-themed town from scratch!

Develop properties, from small homes to large, beautiful hotels and collect rent to raise profits!

Build businesses, play with your friends, and fully customize your town.
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Games Like The Rats Online

The Rats Online

- Rate Lead your own pack of crazy rats on the hunt for cheese.

Train them to steal, and how to battle your opponents.

Enjoy mix of different styles of game while you play.
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Games Like Adventure Quest Worlds

Adventure Quest Worlds

10 Rate Choose your class and set forward in a land that is ravaged by dragons and other chaotic beings.

Explore the world to search for exciting loot and meet some interesting characters along the way.

Take part in the weekly events, meet new friends and venture out into the world of Lore together.
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Games Like Green City 2

Green City 2

10 Rate Time to go green again in this eco-city building strategy game and re-build the town of Bigrock.

Meet the level's required population, ecology, building requirements, and other objectives to progress.

Elevate ecology ratings to increase earnings from housing units and maximize their capacities.
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Games Like Seaport


8 Rate Start off with a simple piece of land and gradually turn it into the busiest seaport in the world.

Buy new ships and upgrade them so that your trades are speedy and efficient.

Upgrade your town hall in order to gain access to new features and buildings.
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Games Like Admirals: Caribbean Empires

Admirals: Caribbean Empires

- Rate Build a trading empire and work your way up the political ladder

Battle pirates and conquer cities for the glory of your King and country

Have fun exploring the vast Caribbean ocean to discover new cities
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Games Like Rocket Valley Tycoon

Rocket Valley Tycoon

- Rate Start your own enterprise from the ground and take it to the stars

Collect various resources and produce different commodities in order to earn more money

Distribute all these resources, upgrade your technology and become a true tycoon
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Games Like Flower Shop

Flower Shop

- Rate Help the fairy sell flowers to various fairytale characters

Place order for more flowers at the table or cabinet

Reach the number of sales needed to proceed to the next level
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Games Like Koyotl


- Rate Become the tribal warrior that shall stop Koyotl from gaining control over the 5 elements.

Set out on a fantasy adventure in this captivating world that is filled with enchanting elements.

Develop your character over the game's complex possibilities to have lasting effects over the entire play.
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Games Like Divine Academy

Divine Academy

- Rate Build a great kingdom in order to be acknowledged as one of the most powerful Gods in Mt. Olympus.

Put together houses and structures to have residents that will take part in the growth of the kingdom.

Study and gather enough knowledge for magical spells to increase productivity or power.
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