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Games Like ElectroCity

Games Like ElectroCity Manage your own town in New Zealand and turn it into a bustling metropolis by building different structures, like homes, buildings, and power plants.

Be treated to deep and immersive gameplay, and do things like manage your citizens’ happiness and create a better city for them.

Maintain a clean and green image without compromising your citizens’ needs.
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Games Like My Mini City

My Mini City

- Rate Build a major metropolis in My Mini City, and turn a small community into a large, bustling city.

Manage every aspect of your city, from security, the cash flow, and the happiness of your citizens.

Decide what your city looks, place buildings on the right areas, and make it look amazing!
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Games Like WhyVille


- Rate Educate yourself and your kids to certain aspects of governance and daily life.

Engage in conversations and get in touch with various members of the game’s flourishing company.

Join a virtual world that is not only full of fun, but of learning as well.
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Games Like Build with Chrome

Build with Chrome

3 Rate Build anything you want anywhere in the world in a stunning new way to use Google Maps.

Browse other peoples creations as you get to know the world.

Publish your Lego designs and share them with your friends.
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Games Like Asterix and Friends

Asterix and Friends

10 Rate Collect and manage your resources while you rebuild your town.

Show what Gauls are made of and fight against the Roman invaders!

Help Asterix and his friends to overthrow the Romans once and for all!
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Games Like Blocksworld


7 Rate Encourages creation and exploration.

Allows you to build anything out of blocks.

Test your beautiful creations and see if they work.
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Games Like Dragons: Rise of Berk

Dragons: Rise of Berk

- Rate Revive the island of Berk and bring it to the glorious state that it once was in.

Hatch and raise many kinds of dragons and train them so that they become powerful.

Complete many different kinds of quests to earn some experience and resources to aid you.
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Games Like Utopia Realms

Utopia Realms

9.5 Rate Explore a virtual world of endless possibilities.

Utilize the amazing in-game editor to create amazing voxel models.

Share your creative models and designs with the community and download other community made designs for your own use.
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Games Like My Sunny Resort

My Sunny Resort

8.2 Rate Create your own holiday paradise in a brilliant new simulation virtual world.

Create and decorate bungalows for your guests and then upgrade them to 5 star to make more money.

Add lots of fun things for your guests to do and then take them to your facilities when they need something.
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Games Like Town Tycoon

Town Tycoon

- Rate Build the biggest metropolis you can full of houses and fun activities.

Manage your resources and industry to get the best for your people.

Take over a huge map as you build and upgrade everything.
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Games Like Landlord


8 Rate Build your City of Dreams from the ground up and beautify it.

Connect all the buildings in your city with roads and repair the buildings when they fell into disrepair.

Level up your character skills by performing your mayoral duties.
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Games Like Transport Empire

Transport Empire

- Rate Start with nothing and build up your flourishing transport empire that everyone wants to be a part of.

Buy new and improved vehicles for much more faster and efficient transport in all your areas.

Upgrade all your structures so that they may yield more resources that will drive your empire even further.
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Games Like Wonderland


- Rate Put your mayorial abilities to the test in this amazing city-building game, Wonderland

Plant crops, craft goods and sell them to earn money

Keep your populace happy by providing entertainment
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Games Like Teen Nick Avatar University

Teen Nick Avatar University

10 Rate We are sorry to say that the game is no longer available. Please feel free to browse through our list of Games like Teen Nick Avatar University here:

Check out this realistic university life simulator.

Customize your students’ profiles, all the way to their names and appearances.

Assign tasks and assignments to each student like a school administration would.
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Games Like Royal Story

Royal Story

8.7 Rate Set up the farm of your dreams in this magical land in Royal Story

Plant and grow crops to feed the magical creatures in your kingdom

Defeat the evil witch, Altessa, and return peace and prosperity to your lands
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Games Like Sunshine Bay

Sunshine Bay

- Rate Build the beach-side city of your dreams and watch it grow.

Own your own fleet of luxurious yachts and send them on cruises to get the money you need to develop and expand your city.

Receive and service other yachts to earn amazing rewards.
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