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Games Like World Golf Tour

Games Like World Golf Tour Enjoy a full and complete golfing experience where even the slightest factors can make a difference.

Purchase different sets of gear and use the ones that fit your play-style the best.

Bring out your competitive side and compete in tournaments to show you’re the best of them all.
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Games Like Fifa World

Fifa World

10 Rate FIFA World has been shutdown by EA Games. Please take a look at our "Games Like" feature to find alternative games that you will enjoy instead. Read More
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Games Like Goal United

Goal United

10 Rate Create your own football club and lead it to victory.

Compete against thousands of people from all over the world.

Customize your team in any way you want.
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Games Like Tennis


- Rate Enjoy a game of virtual tennis on your web browser for free

Move your tennis player on the court using the arrow keys and hit the tennis ball using the spacebar

Win two out of three game sets to win the match

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Games Like Slalom Hero

Slalom Hero

- Rate Race through the snowy slopes of the mountain with your skis

Steer between the slalom gates to collect speed boosts

Cross the finish line before the time runs out to win a medal
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Games Like Air Hockey

Air Hockey

- Rate Click and drag the paddle to move it around the board

Hit the puck into the opponent's goal to score a point

Be the first to score 7 goals to win the match
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Games Like 3D Basketball

3D Basketball

- Rate Flick the basketball into the hoop using your mouse

Dunk the ball as many times as you can within the time limit

Chain up your combos by not missing the net
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Games Like Pool Billiard H5

Pool Billiard H5

- Rate Take aim and make your shot in this fun virtual billiard game

Use the white ball to hit every other ball into the holes on the table

Try to earn the highest score you can and see where you rank
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Games Like Baseball Pro

Baseball Pro

- Rate Step up to the batting box and try to hit a home run

Time your swings carefully to avoid getting any strikes

Play for 10 rounds and your final score will be tallied
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Games Like Disc Pool 1 Player

Disc Pool 1 Player

- Rate Hit the green discs into the holes on the table to score points

Avoid getting either your yellow or red discs into the holes

Earn the highest score and see how you rank on the leaderboard
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Games Like 3D Free Kick

3D Free Kick

- Rate Swipe the football to "kick" it towards the goal post

Outwit the defenders and the goalkeeper and score as many goals as you can!

If you missed three times in the game, it's game over for you
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Games Like Championship 2016

Championship 2016

- Rate Pick a team and start climbing up the ranks

Play as a shooter and land that ball into the net

Play as a goalie and stop your opponent from scoring a goal
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Games Like Kix Dream Soccer

Kix Dream Soccer

- Rate Recruit the best players to your dream soccer team

Get into the field yourself and control your players manually

Participate in various challenging tournaments and make your way to the top!
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Games Like Basketball Hoops

Basketball Hoops

- Rate Put your basketball skills to the test in Basketball Hoops

Check the wind direction and adjust your throwing angle

Get as many balls through the hoop as you can to earn a high score
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Games Like Boxing Duel

Boxing Duel

9 Rate Start from rock bottom and make a name for yourself by showing off your skills in the ring.

Buy better equipment as you progress to give yourself a better fighting chance.

Take on and complete daily challenges to earn massive rewards and experience.
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Games Like Football Tricks

Football Tricks

- Rate Put your football skills to the test

Carefully take aim and kick the ball with all you've got

Successfully circumvent any obstacle and score that goal!
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