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Games Like Speed And Snow

Play Speed And Snow Games Like Ski Jump Mania

Ski Jump Mania

10 Rate In Ski Jump Mania you are able to personalise your equipment, train your skills and then jump for big prizes in world championships.

Learn to jump and then enter competitions.

Train your skills and facilities to improve your jumps.

Enter competitions and win big prizes.
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Games Like FIFA Football: FIFA World Cup

FIFA Football: FIFA World Cup

10 Rate Perform on the biggest stage of world football in FIFA Football: FIFA World Cup.

Create your own ultimate team of superstars.

Play for glory in exciting game modes including nail biting PvP contests.
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Games Like 11x11


- Rate Create and manage your very own football team consisting of dedicated players that will do anything to win.

Participate in big tournaments to make a name for yourself while earning some really good prizes.

Put your team through rigorous training sessions so that they can perform when it counts on the field.
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Games Like CSR Racing

CSR Racing

10 Rate Upgrade and customize luxury cars like Audi R8, BMW or Corvette with special tweaks to boost the car performance.

Challenge your friends and race people from all around the world in a realistic world with great graphics.

Finish quests, beat crew bosses and rule the city with your driving skills.
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Games Like FC Manager

FC Manager

5 Rate In FC Manager you take control of a club using real professional players. From there you can win leagues and championships!

Create your team using real players.

Manage every aspect of the team set up and training.

Win your league to advance into tournaments and cups.
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Games Like SBK Team Manager

SBK Team Manager

- Rate Manage and develop your own motor-racing team from the ground up

Hire the best people, tune up your race bikes, and find the most generous sponsors

Help your team become the World Champion Team within 4 years’ time
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Games Like Empire Sports

Empire Sports

10 Rate With Empire of Sports you are welcomed to a stunning world full of sports events and competition mixed with a whole load of fun.

Create your avatar and choose their look.

Practice your sports and then compete with players all over the world.

Party on down in clubs or relax with friends.
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Games Like Billiard Blitz Challenge

Billiard Blitz Challenge

- Rate Enjoy a fun game of 1-player billiard in Billiard Blitz Challenge!

Use the game's helpful aim-assist to shoot a ball into any of the holes

Hit the white ball into the star-marked hole to end a game
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Games Like Cricket Batter Challenge

Cricket Batter Challenge

- Rate Step up to the batting plate and hit the ball away from the wicket

Tap on the right, left, and up arrow keys when the target circle turns green

If you miss three hits, then it's game over for you!
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Games Like Stock Car Hero

Stock Car Hero

- Rate Race in various tracks of varying difficulty level from around the world

Overtake other AI-controlled racers by making use of speed boosts and cutting corners

Upgrade your stock car by spending the coins you earned from racing
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Games Like Cricket Fielder Challenge

Cricket Fielder Challenge

- Rate Play as the Wicket-Keeper and stop the other team from scoring runs.

Defend the wicket by moving your keeper's gloves via your mouse

If you miss three catches, then it's game over for you!
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Games Like Speed Billiards

Speed Billiards

- Rate Use the cue ball to hit the other colored balls into the holes

Sink as many balls as you can within the time limit

Earn combos and collect the "extra time" power-up using your cue ball
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Games Like World Golf Tour

World Golf Tour

1 Rate Enjoy a full and complete golfing experience where even the slightest factors can make a difference.

Purchase different sets of gear and use the ones that fit your play-style the best.

Bring out your competitive side and compete in tournaments to show you’re the best of them all.
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Games Like Howzat Cricket

Howzat Cricket

- Rate In Howzat Cricket you can take on the world and lead your team to greatness. Bat and Bowl live and top the leagues.

Control your players and equipment.

Bat and Bowl yourself to win games.

Take on other players in the challenge mode.
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Games Like WGT Baseball

WGT Baseball

- Rate Start off as a team that nobody knows and make your way into the big leagues.

Experience brilliant baseball gameplay mechanics that require precise aim and timing.

Choose from a variety of different game modes with each one having a unique twist of its own.
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