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Games Like PCH

Play PCH Games Like Mondo Bingo

Mondo Bingo

- Rate Play with 10 cards and see how many different Bingo's you can make with 36 numbers.

Earn bonus balls for every bingo, up to 10 extra balls.

Claim prizes for each bingo you have and you can win big!
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Games Like Wheel of Fortune Bingo

Wheel of Fortune Bingo

- Rate Enjoy a stunning mix of Wheel of Fortune and a fun Bingo Game.

Guess the words to win bonus prizes.

Win a spin for credits for each bingo line you have.
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Games Like Big Spin Bingo

Big Spin Bingo

7 Rate Enjoy a stunning bingo game with Big City Bingo, choose from 3 different games and win big with lots of chances to bingo.

Three different bingo game types.

Realistic bingo experience.

Beautiful graphics and fun soundtrack.
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Games Like Bingo Rider

Bingo Rider

- Rate Play a quick game if you don’t have much time or choose a room according to your preferences.

Come back daily for exciting rewards such as a huge amount of chips.

Test your luck and take part in the mini jackpot for a huge reward.
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Games Like Bingo Blingo

Bingo Blingo

6.4 Rate B-I-N-G-O = Bingo! Play the best, most exciting Bingo game for FREE on Facebook!

Daub the numbers to collect energy and use power-ups to nail that Bingo for achievements and cool prizes!

Each room presents you with cool new challenges to overcome, but it's always more fun to play with friends on your side.

So invite your friends and get started!
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Games Like Doctor Bingo

Doctor Bingo

- Rate Enjoy a really unique bingo experience with lots of cool game rooms for you to play in.

Play with up to four cards at the same time to maximize your winnings as much as possible.

Return daily to redeem your bonuses and add some extra cash under your to play bingo with.
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Games Like Bingo Heaven

Bingo Heaven

- Rate Play Bingo whenever you want, as often as you want - no waiting! If you’re looking for new bingo games free to play, they give Bingo Heaven a try. It’s top-rated and fun for kids and a bash to play.

Bingo Heaven is brought to you by Super Lucky Casino, makers of popular vegas style casino games like Slots Heaven, Lotto Heaven, freebingogames, and Video Poker (coming soon).

Bingo but Better! Play on Facebook, iPhone, Kindle, or Android!
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Games Like AvaTingo


9.7 Rate We are sorry to say that the game is no longer available. Please feel free to browse through our list of Games like AvaTingo here:

Start your journey through Tingo Town - the only virtual town for Slots and Bingo fans on Facebook.

Create your own unique avatar and make your way through each of the bulidings in Tingo Town by playing different bingo and slots games.

So what are you waiting for? Join AvaTingo today, create your own character and start winning thousands of coins!
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Games Like World of Bingo

World of Bingo

10 Rate Play Bingo against a wide range of people from all over the world

Access multiple fun Bingo variations and play them at your own pace

Experience vibrant, beautiful graphics
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Games Like Bingo Crack

Bingo Crack

7.5 Rate Play Bingo Crack one of the cutest Facebook Bingo Games, play with 75 or 90 ball cards and win big with powerups.

Choose form games with 75 or 90 balls.

Use the auto daub feature to make sure you never miss a number.

Clock the powerups and get the chance to instant bingo.
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Games Like Bingo Lane

Bingo Lane

10 Rate Play one of the best social bingo games around, with up to 4 cards per game and lots of fun prizes this Facebook game has it all.

Increase your chance to win with free daubs.

Use powerups to unlock keys and instant wins.

Win items for your own house as you play.
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Games Like Bingo Showdown

Bingo Showdown

8.3 Rate Play an exciting bingo game with people from all over the world!

Test your wits and attention span with a very exciting, appealing gameplay that always tests your skill

Bingo Showdown comes with a wonderful set of graphics that enriches the experience and takes it to the next level
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Games Like Let's Go Bingo

Let's Go Bingo

9 Rate Play with 1 to 4 cards, each with 16 numbers.

Collect stickers and visit the world.

Sit back and enjoy this worldwide bingo experience.
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Games Like Cheetah Bingo

Cheetah Bingo

2 Rate Play through an enjoyable and addictive bingo experience built on the classic bingo style.

Return everyday and complete the daily tasks to earn yourself bonus rewards.

Play from different players around the world in real-time bingo games.
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Games Like Bingo Game

Bingo Game

- Rate Great social game, where the reaction time, perceptiveness and luck all count.

Combine a little bit of each of those and you will be a successful winner! Good luck!

Play against friends and family and show them you are the best
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