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Games Like Wizard 101

Games Like Wizard 101 Wizard 101 is world that delivers you magic and monsters.

Master your spells and choose them with care as you create powerful spell decks.

Challenge other wizards and grow in power to be the best wizard around.
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Games Like Runes of Magic

Runes of Magic

- Rate Welcome to the land of Taborea, explore a new continent from it’s beaches to ice covered peaks.

Recover lost artifacts as you adventure across forbidding territories.

Join up with friends and build your own guild castle.
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Games Like Forsaken World

Forsaken World

5.5 Rate Explore the stunning world of Eyrda in any way you want.

Create and customize your character the way you see fit.

Lots of crafting options.
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Games Like Vindictus


6 Rate A persistent, fun hack and slash game with a large world to explore.

Fun and intense combat.

Lots of pets to choose from and expansive bestiary.
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Games Like Lego Minifigures Online

Lego Minifigures Online

9 Rate Enjoy a brilliant world full of adventure as you collect new Lego characters.

Discover new worlds to explore and defeat mighty bosses.

Swap between your minifigures at any time to make the best of their skills.
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Games Like Pirate 101

Pirate 101

3.3 Rate Play a colorful and fun MMORPG where you become a pirate and command your own ship.

Choose a class, find items and gather your crew as you travel across the fantastic world of pirate 101.

Engage in challenging turn based battles and ship to ship combat, complete quests and uncover the secrets of the pirate life.
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Games Like Nexus TK

Nexus TK

5.5 Rate Complete quests and defeat monsters in the lands of three kingdoms!

Team up with your buddies to participate in events or even questing.

Enjoy the retro feel of Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds today!
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Games Like DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online

8.5 Rate Enter the universe of DC comics like never before in a magnificant MMORPG.

Create your own super hero or villian, meet famous characters and help save the world from enemy forces.

With full character customization, amazing graphics and awesome combat system, DC Universe is one of the best free MMORPGs.
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Games Like Planet Calypso

Planet Calypso

10 Rate Explore a beautiful planet at your own pace.

State of the art sci-fi world full of mysteries.

Real-money economy.
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Games Like Conquer Online

Conquer Online

9 Rate Step into a far eastern culture to begin your adventure.

Travel the lands in search of heroic deeds to accomplish.

Slay your enemies with style and skill.
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Games Like Infinite Crisis

Infinite Crisis

8 Rate We are sorry to say that the game is no longer available. Please feel free to browse through our list of Games like Infinite Crisis here:

Choose your character of choice from an enormous roster of champions and superheroes.

Battle it out against an opposing team in a fast paced game modes.

Select a map of your preference from a solid variety of maps.
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Games Like Dawngate


9 Rate Choose your shaper from an enormous variety of intriguing and complex shapers.

Battle and take out the neutral jungle monsters to gain extra loot to assist you in battle.

Destroy the opposing team’s guardian to secure victory for yourself and your comrades.
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Games Like Path of Exile

Path of Exile

- Rate Path of Exile is a hack and slash game where you need to explore the game world and improve character statistics.

Engage in countless battles and fierce boss fights where your skill is put to the test.

Path of Exile allows you to explore countless dungeons and level up your character.
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Games Like Priston Tale

Priston Tale

9 Rate Choose from either the Morion or Tempskron tribes and get access to unique classes with each.

Take part in large scale clan vs clan battles to see who can take control of the castle.

Engage in exciting GM held events that grant the players some major rewards.
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Games Like Battlestar Galactica Online

Battlestar Galactica Online

9 Rate Take part in an age old war between the Cylons and the Human Race.

Navigate around the galaxies in massive and scary fleets of space ships.

Complete the main quests and missions to earn massive rewards and equipment for your characters.
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Games Like Grand Fantasia

Grand Fantasia

8.8 Rate Enter the world of Saphael and take your first steps to greatness.

Raise your own companion as you level.

Play solo or with friends to slay epic monsters.
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