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Games Like Vendetta Online

Games Like Vendetta Online Immerse yourself in this awesome sci-fi MMO that’ll have you completely hooked.

Enjoy the breathtaking visuals of outer space as you traverse through vast galaxies.

Pilot your own spaceship as you try to make your mark in the depths of space where anything can happen.
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Games Like Star Trek: Fleet Command

Star Trek: Fleet Command

- Rate Build and command your own fleet in Star Trek: Fleet Command and use your skills in strategy, diplomacy and combat!

Recruit officers from the iconic franchise like Spock, Nero, and James Kirk!

Join millions of players around the world and forge alliances or defeat your foes in battle!
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Games Like Mars Tomorrow

Mars Tomorrow

10 Rate Be one of the brave souls to travel to Mars to be a pioneer

Increase your fleet of Mars vehicles and set up vital transportation routes

Help the colony terraform the planet while earning some profit on the side
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Games Like Rage War

Rage War

10 Rate Develop your castle as your empire progresses through the ages due to the advancements of science

Build up an army to conquer other provinces or bribe the local rulers instead

Climb up the rank ladder by battling other players and destroying their castles
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Games Like Star Wars: Uprising

Star Wars: Uprising

- Rate A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

The Emperor has fallen and the second Death Star destroyed, the Rebellion is spreading.

Into all this you plunge as a young up and coming smuggler, are you ready to live by wits and inspire a generation?
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Games Like Alita - Battle Angel The Game

Alita - Battle Angel The Game

- Rate Pick up your weapon and destroy the enemies that stand in your way!

Recruit mercenaries to join your party and fight alongside you in battles

Upgrade your gears and get strong to survive in this futuristic world
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Games Like Clash & Go: AR Strategy

Clash & Go: AR Strategy

- Rate Get hooked on this innovative strategy game that’s like no other.

Build up your colony as you progress through the game and fortify it with the best defenses.

Launch the game and walk around in the real world in order to capture various points and acquire resources.
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Games Like EVE Online

EVE Online

2 Rate Play this captivating sci-fi MMO that takes place in a universe that’s constantly expanding.

Participate in high intensity faction vs faction PvP that will make you want to keep coming back for more.

Explore the depths of space in your spaceships to uncover the various secrets that it holds.
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Games Like War of Nations

War of Nations

- Rate Build an enormous military base in this addicting MMORTS that doesn’t disappoint.

Raid enemy bases to get a hold of all their resources in order to build up your base even further.

Explore a giant world map that’s filled with land for you to conquer.
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Games Like Galactic Junk League

Galactic Junk League

- Rate Build and customize your own spaceship using LEGO-like blocks

Pilot your spacecraft into exciting team-vs-team battles over scavenging locations

Unlock and upgrade new weapons and ship components via research
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Games Like Codex of Victory

Codex of Victory

10 Rate Build a base and assemble an army of powerful robots and mechs

Fight against a variety of enemies in a fun, turn-based strategic combat

Venture to other planets in the solar system and bring the battle to the Augments
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Games Like Pocket Starships

Pocket Starships

- Rate Fight pirates, mine resources and complete quests as you explore the unknown universe

Utilize the game's unique crafting and upgrading system to upgrade almost anything

Work together with your allies to ensure dominance or go against each other in epic PvP fights
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Games Like Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends

- Rate Enjoy this phenomenal FPS that you can enjoy on the go on your mobile device.

Choose from tons upon tons of different weapons and use them to annihilate your foes.

Immerse yourself in the captivating campaign mode that has one of the most well thought out stories out there in an FPS.
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Games Like Galaxy Control

Galaxy Control

- Rate Dive into a futuristic world in this space sim/ MMORTS game, Galaxy Control

Gather resources, develop your base and strengthen your defenses

Take on space pirates and other players and to claim a sector of space as your own

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Games Like Angel Stone

Angel Stone

- Rate Embark on an epic adventure full of intense moments that all players will enjoy.

Lead the revolution as mankind tries to regain control of the land that has been overrun by monsters.

Choose from three awesome classes, each with their own unique set of skills.
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Games Like Krosmaster Arena

Krosmaster Arena

9 Rate Enjoy this amazing variant of the popular board game Krosmaster.

Beat your opponents in highly tactical and strategic matches where even the smallest mistake can prove fatal.

Immerse yourself in the many beautiful playing areas, each with a unique look of its own.
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