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Games Like Skyforge

Games Like Skyforge Use your skills and powers to save the world from its terrible fate.

Grow your cult and become a god as you grow in power.

Enjoy stunning action and graphics in the latest generation of MMORPG.
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Games Like WoW


8.8 Rate Choose your side, the honourable Alliance or fierce Horde.

Step into a huge and diverse world and forge your path.

Fight epic dragons and evil warlords to once more bring peace to the world.
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Games Like Glory of Gods 2

Glory of Gods 2

- Rate Play this high quality MMORPG that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own browser.

Choose from multiple different character classes, each with a unique play-style and skill-set.

Explore the massive game world and slay many beasts along your journey.
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Games Like Eternal Dream

Eternal Dream

- Rate Enjoy this top quality MMO experience that’ll take you on an unforgettable adventure.

Choose a class of your preference from the three unique options available.

Complete quests to make a name for yourself and grow stronger so that you may slay the fiercest beasts that tread the land.
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Games Like Wildstar


- Rate Choose from 2 factions, 8 races and 6 classes to create your character

Lots of content to keep you entertained even when you reached the level cap

Enjoy some downtime with some relaxing play such as house decorating and pet hunting
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Games Like Reign: War for Throne

Reign: War for Throne

- Rate Fight with warriors around the world in Gods and Glory: War for Throne, an exciting MMORTS.

Build your own empire, raise powerful armies, strengthen your hero, and wage war against neighboring kingdoms.

Form an alliance with other players and mount massive invasions to take down other kingdoms.
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Games Like Gods of Rome

Gods of Rome

- Rate Play Gods of Rome, a high quality brawler game that’ll keep you entertained for hours upon hours.

Enjoy the epic story that’s been inspired by mythology.

Choose your fighter from a massive roster consisting of gods, titans and heroes from mythology.
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Games Like Dawn of Gods

Dawn of Gods

- Rate Immerse yourself in this epic strategy game that’s quite unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Call onto the power of the gods to give yourself an edge when the situation gets grim.

Build a massive base and defend it from any enemies who try to invade it.
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Games Like Legend of Ares

Legend of Ares

- Rate Choose between the Holy Empire and the Religious Alliance.

Form guilds and battle other groups in all-out Player versus Player warfare.

Dominate the world by choosing the winning side.
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Games Like Revelation Online

Revelation Online

10 Rate Explore the sky, the lands and even under the sea in the beautiful world of Nuanor

Treat yourself to various story-driven adventures, quests and dungeons

Take on other players in huge-scaled conflicts, in the arena or in an exciting aerial combat
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Games Like Tree of Savior

Tree of Savior

- Rate Help troubled locals and grow your character's power to defeat the Demon Goddess Giltine

Go on monster hunts with other players and slay the powerful boss

Go head-to-head with your opponents in exciting PvP arena matches
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Games Like Wizard 101

Wizard 101

8.5 Rate Wizard 101 is world that delivers you magic and monsters.

Master your spells and choose them with care as you create powerful spell decks.

Challenge other wizards and grow in power to be the best wizard around.
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Games Like Erectus


- Rate Play as the Okiteng, the Ngane, the Ikari or the Assuna (the 4 races of Homo sapiens)

Develop your cities and villages, and grow your army

Fight against the armies of the Homo erectus to ensure the survival of the human race
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Games Like Drakensang Online

Drakensang Online

8.2 Rate Create your hero and begin your adventure.

Fight your way through hordes of monsters for awesome rewards.

Play with or against other people and claim your right as the mightiest warrior in the land.
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Games Like Asda Global

Asda Global

10 Rate Immerse yourself in this epic MMORPG adventure in which you must slay the fiercest beasts from across the land.

Choose a class of your liking from the many available options, each with a unique style of play.

Upgrade your items and character as you progress through the game for a better shot at beating your enemies.
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Games Like War of the Immortals

War of the Immortals

- Rate Leap into thrilling hack-and-slash action in War of the Immortals

Strengthen your character with a variety of gear items

Slay your way through monsters in dungeons or defeat other players in the arena
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