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Games Like Rage War

Games Like Rage War Develop your castle as your empire progresses through the ages due to the advancements of science

Build up an army to conquer other provinces or bribe the local rulers instead

Climb up the rank ladder by battling other players and destroying their castles
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Games Like Reign: War for Throne

Reign: War for Throne

- Rate Fight with warriors around the world in Gods and Glory: War for Throne, an exciting MMORTS.

Build your own empire, raise powerful armies, strengthen your hero, and wage war against neighboring kingdoms.

Form an alliance with other players and mount massive invasions to take down other kingdoms.
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Games Like Star Wars: Uprising

Star Wars: Uprising

- Rate A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

The Emperor has fallen and the second Death Star destroyed, the Rebellion is spreading.

Into all this you plunge as a young up and coming smuggler, are you ready to live by wits and inspire a generation?
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Games Like Lords of Conquest

Lords of Conquest

- Rate Choose one of the four factions and start building an empire

Build an army by recruiting various units and also heroes to lead them all

Set out on a war path to conquer the world together with your allies
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Games Like Siegefall


- Rate Rule the heavenly kingdoms with your army of troops and spirits in Siegefall.

Prove your valor in the most epic strategic combat system.

Summon heroes and use fire breathing dragons to win battles.
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Games Like Pocket Starships

Pocket Starships

- Rate Fight pirates, mine resources and complete quests as you explore the unknown universe

Utilize the game's unique crafting and upgrading system to upgrade almost anything

Work together with your allies to ensure dominance or go against each other in epic PvP fights
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Games Like Iron Desert - Fire Storm

Iron Desert - Fire Storm

- Rate Build the strongest base in Iron Desert - Fire Storm.

Recruit tanks, helis and fighter jets in your army.

Enjoy epic single player as well as multiplayer game modes.
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Games Like Castle Clash

Castle Clash

9.5 Rate Create your own town in this stunning strategy game.

Defend your town from enemies in impressive battles.

Create an empire by expanding your territory.
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Games Like Tribal Wars 2

Tribal Wars 2

- Rate Experience in-depth and highly strategic MMORTS gameplay.

Start off from a basic village and turn it into a flourishing castle feared by everyone.

Gather resources through multiple different methods to create new structures and units.
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Games Like Throne: Kingdoms of War

Throne: Kingdoms of War

10 Rate Develop your kingdom and build an army so as to conquer the land

Every little advantage matters! Be sure to upgrade your troops, hero, technology and your town

Work with your allies to improve and defend the Order's Citadel
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Games Like Dawn of Steel

Dawn of Steel

- Rate Command a powerful force of battle Mechs in order to crush your enemies.

Establish your base and defend it from attacks from other players.

Upgrade your Mech army with a variety of weapons and equipment to make them more deadly
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Games Like Rodinia Wars

Rodinia Wars

- Rate Build your territory up and conquer your neighbors in a stunning new game.

Run around as a knight completing objectives to help your territory.

Enjoy a brilliant mix of strategy and MMORPG elements.
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Games Like Empire: Millennium Wars

Empire: Millennium Wars

- Rate Join the thousands of corporations as the flock to Mars in hopes of striking it rich by mining Millennium

Develop your base and amass an army to defend your wealth while attacking others to plunder theirs

Work together with other mining corporations through alliances to defeat common enemies
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Games Like River Combat

River Combat

2.7 Rate Build your own base and defend it against enemy attacks in River Combat.

Unlock a huge variety of combat units featuring land, air and marine vehicles.

Play against players from all over the world in a quest to conquer it all.
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Games Like Island Force

Island Force

- Rate Engage in an epic real time strategy warfare in Island Force.

Build your own base and generate valuable resources.

Form alliances and strengthen up the defenses at your base.
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Games Like World Of Tanks

World Of Tanks

9 Rate Engage in massive tank battles in a huge highly detailed environment with people from all around the world.

Win skirmishes with your team and earn money to purchase better tanks and upgrade them for better performance.

Enjoy realistic settings, use tactics and avoid the enemy fire in order to emerge victorious.
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