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Games Like Krosmaga

Games Like Krosmaga Go back into the world of Krosmoz and take the role of one of the deities in this strategy-packed card game!

Build your own card deck and do battle against other players in a chess-style board game.

Use powerful units to decimate your foes, or spells to catch your opponents off-guard!
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Games Like Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

- Rate Enter the world of Yu-Gi-Oh and compete against the top duelists from the anime, like Yugi, Joey, Seto, and Mai.

Construct your own deck from the top and play against other duelists in real-time to rise on the leaderboard.

Take control of your favorite monster, magic, and trap cards to become the “King of Duelists”.
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Games Like Mighty Party

Mighty Party

- Rate Summon creatures from your cards to eliminate your enemies

Features beautiful visuals and a one-of-a-kind tactical system

Upgrade your cards to bolster your deck and improve your chances of victory
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Games Like Heroes of Scene

Heroes of Scene

- Rate Heroes of Scene is cross platform strategy game you can play online.

Players will strategically use cards to generate units to help them eliminate enemy units.

Advance through the game to achieve various levels, and to eventually destroy the enemy base.
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Games Like Pokémon TCG Online

Pokémon TCG Online

- Rate Do you have what it takes to be the true Pokémon Master?

Have fun learning and mastering the Pokémon Trading Card Game!

Unlock cards and decks as you play to improve your collection.
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Games Like Legends of Callasia

Legends of Callasia

- Rate Put your strategic skills to the test in this brilliant Risk-like strategy game

Build your empire, send out your armies, eliminate your rivals, and conquer the map

Enjoy the game's expansive single player game modes or fight other players in multiplayer mode
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Games Like Brown Dust

Brown Dust

- Rate Play Brown Dust and manage and lead your own mercenary army to battle!

Be immersed in the game’s awesome story and lore, as you take part in tactical battles.

Recruit new mercenaries to your corps and be the strongest company in the land!
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Games Like Stormbound


- Rate Build up your deck, and choose a faction.

Choose your units, choose your spells and deploy them wisely.

Fight for dominance in the world of Stormbound.
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Games Like Brawl of Ages

Brawl of Ages

- Rate Deploy your troops onto the battlefield and strive to destroy your opponents’ towers and Throne

Build your deck and test them out against other players or intelligent AIs

Take a break from combat and enjoy watching other players duke it out via the Arena TV
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Games Like Krosmaster Arena

Krosmaster Arena

9 Rate Enjoy this amazing variant of the popular board game Krosmaster.

Beat your opponents in highly tactical and strategic matches where even the smallest mistake can prove fatal.

Immerse yourself in the many beautiful playing areas, each with a unique look of its own.
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Games Like MapleStory Blitz

MapleStory Blitz

- Rate Play MapleStory Blitz, a strategy card game based on the world of the popular MMORPG, MapleStory!

Summon monsters, activate powerful skill cards, and use heroes to destroy your opponents’ towers.

Calculate your moves, build winning decks, and become the strongest duelist in the world!
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Games Like Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

- Rate Play Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia and be treated to another epic adventure.

Take control and fight with your favorite Final Fantasy characters from across the main games.

Experience the simple yet strategic and fun turn-based combat the series is known for.
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Games Like War of Crown

War of Crown

- Rate We are sorry to say that the game is no longer available. Please feel free to browse through our list of Games like War of Crown here:

Play War of Crown, a grid-based strategy role-playing game developed by Gamevil and follow the steps of Eshirite, the Child of Destiny.

Create your own ultimate battle party and use a variety of heroes with unique skills and capabilities.

Hone your skills and tactics and experience the thrill of an immersive SRPG on your fingertips.
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Games Like Cabals: Card Blitz

Cabals: Card Blitz

9 Rate Help the people of Aea protect their homeland from the approaching hordes of the undead

Build a great deck and engage both AI and other human players alike in battle

Increase the strength of your cards, and by extension, your deck by evolving them
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Games Like Heroes Evolved

Heroes Evolved

- Rate Play as any one of the 59 different heroes available and customize him/her to your liking

Enjoy the game's various game modes and maps by choosing to fight against other players or bots

Secure victory in ranked matches and climb up the rank ladder in Heroes Evolved!
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Games Like Astral Heroes

Astral Heroes

10 Rate Experience a digital collectible card game like no other in Astral Heroes!

Buy new cards from the market and build an excellent deck to play with

Enjoy the game's single-player campaign or go head-to-head with other players in the leagues
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