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Games Like Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

Games Like Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia Play Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia and be treated to another epic adventure.

Take control and fight with your favorite Final Fantasy characters from across the main games.

Experience the simple yet strategic and fun turn-based combat the series is known for.
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Games Like Iris Online

Iris Online

- Rate Play Iris Online, a gypsy-themed MMORPG and travel around the massive, and breathtaking game world as an adventurer.

Perform and complete more than a thousand quests, and explore numerous dungeons filled with monsters.

Enjoy the anime-themed art style and cooperate with other players in PvE, or fight them in PvP!
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Games Like Alteil: Horizons

Alteil: Horizons

- Rate Alteil: Horizons combines card dueling and tactical RPG tactics gameplay into a perfect mix.

Collect different cards, strengthen your decks, and combine your cards’ strengths to be a formidable foe to anyone in the community.

Play against thousands of players and be the top-ranked duelist in the game’s entire history.
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Games Like Dragonica Mobile

Dragonica Mobile

- Rate Play with your friends together in this action mobile RPG side-scrolling game in real time!

Show your skills, challenge, and beat other players online in Guild War and 3v3 modes!

Venture into Dragonica’s beautiful online world and go on a journey to destroy the evil dragon named Elga!
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Games Like One Piece: Legends of Pirates

One Piece: Legends of Pirates

10 Rate Enjoy this exciting browser based MMORPG that’s based off the hugely popular anime.

Choose from three unique classes, each with its own play-style and skillset.

Explore the world to uncover all the secrets that it holds and become the best pirate in the land.
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Games Like Grand Chase Eternal Reborn

Grand Chase Eternal Reborn

- Rate Play Grand Chase in a private server run by fans of the game in Grand Chase Eternal Reborn.

Enjoy this real-time, side-scrolling action fighting game with five other players and engage in fast-paced, scintillating fights.

Cooperate with other players and defeat various monsters and bosses to save the land of Bermesiah from the Evil Queen of Darkness.
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Games Like One Piece Online 2

One Piece Online 2

- Rate Play this phenomenal MMORPG and prove that you're the best pirate in the world.

Search for treasure and glory as you travel through the world and obliterate anyone who comes in your path.

Enjoy the beautiful game world that's full of amazing sights to see.
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Games Like Cosmic League

Cosmic League

- Rate Play this fast-paced and highly addictive shooter game that’s sure to impress.

Obliterate your opponents with your superior skills and carry your team to victory.

Enjoy many dynamic arenas that’ll force you to change your strategy as a match progresses.
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Games Like Bleach Brave Souls

Bleach Brave Souls

- Rate Play Bleach Brave Souls, an online action RPG that is based on the popular manga and anime series, Bleach!

Be treated to fast-paced, 3D hack and slash action with your favorite Bleach characters.

Play as Ichigo or select other characters and play online, whether to duke it out with other players or in co-op modes.
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Games Like Soul Ark

Soul Ark

- Rate Play Soul Ark and dive into a world with soul energy and an all new dimension to fight the forces of oppression.

Assemble a team of warriors to accompany you on your journey to protect the human world.

Enjoy a game with beautiful anime-like art style and intriguing world!
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Games Like Toram Online

Toram Online

- Rate Play Toram Online and explore a massive game world and treat yourself to an epic storyline.

Create a character through varied customization options and choose your starting weapon.

Perform quests ranging from fighting monsters to killing gigantic bosses.
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Games Like Onigiri


- Rate Play this action-packed MMORPG, and explore the alternate world of ancient Japan.

Enjoy interacting with a cast of characters rooted from Japanese folklore, stories, and mythology.

Grab hold of a unique variety of weapons, be treated to beautiful visuals, and fight your way through hordes of monsters.
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Games Like Closers


10 Rate Play Closers and go through an anime MMORPG with an epic storyline and fast-paced battles!

Pick your Closer from nine different classes and save the world from horrendous monsters from a different dimension.

Jump, dodge, use combinations to beat your foes and customize your gear.
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Games Like One Piece Treasure Cruise

One Piece Treasure Cruise

- Rate Play One Piece Treasure Cruise and control, interact, and fight with your favorite anime pirate crew.

Control One Piece characters like Luffy, Zoro, and Shanks to defeat countless enemies in battle.

Be treated to exciting turn-based battles, unleash special skills and combos to become the strongest crew on the seas.
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Games Like Dragonball Online

Dragonball Online

- Rate Immerse yourself into the world of Dragonball, one of the most well-loved anime universes.

Create your own character, visit the vast open world of Dragonball, level up, fight monsters, and be the strongest out there!

Team up with real Dragonball characters to finish quests and defeat your foes!
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Games Like Zenonia 4

Zenonia 4

- Rate Play Zenonia 4 and find out exactly what makes this mobile action RPG a long-running franchise.

Take control of a powerful hero named Regret: choose his class, fully customize his appearance and capabilities.

Explore a vast world, defeat monsters, and unlock the mysteries behind the protagonist’s time-bending story.
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