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Games Like Castle Clash

Games Like Castle Clash Create your own town in this stunning strategy game.

Defend your town from enemies in impressive battles.

Create an empire by expanding your territory.
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Games Like Age of Lord: Legends & Rebels

Age of Lord: Legends & Rebels

- Rate Build a strong and powerful kingdom and conquer other people's lands

Upgrade your troops and boost your empire's production via research

Join an Alliance to combine forces and take on the world in this exciting game
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Games Like Tribal Wars

Tribal Wars

- Rate Acquire glory, fame and power in this highly addictive MMORTS experience.

Start off with a small village and slowly spread your control across the game world and acquire multiple villages.

Send massive armies to raid your opponents so you can get your hands on their resources.
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Games Like Reign: War for Throne

Reign: War for Throne

- Rate Fight with warriors around the world in Gods and Glory: War for Throne, an exciting MMORTS.

Build your own empire, raise powerful armies, strengthen your hero, and wage war against neighboring kingdoms.

Form an alliance with other players and mount massive invasions to take down other kingdoms.
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Games Like Kingdom Glory

Kingdom Glory

- Rate Immerse yourself in a fresh take on medieval strategy in this RTS-tower defense hybrid game

Recruit knights, wizards and archers, set up traps, and build magical towers and castles

Climb the ranks and become the strongest and most fearsome warlord in the kingdom
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Games Like Taichi Panda: Heroes

Taichi Panda: Heroes

- Rate Experience a rich and complex RPG right on your phone

Create your own character and explore the world of Taichi

Use your army of heroes to transcend a war in this mystical land
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Games Like Total War Battles: Kingdom

Total War Battles: Kingdom

- Rate Enjoy multi-platform access over your battles in this frantic MMORTS game.

Build your army from ground up and train them hard to get them winning your conquests.

Play with thousands of players at a time, either by team-up play or one-on-one matches.
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Games Like Star Wars Commander

Star Wars Commander

- Rate Build your own base and fight the forces of Jabba the Hut in Star Wars: Commander.

Choose the side of Darth Vader or join the rebellion with Han Solo.

Build your defenses and attack players from all over the world to gain resources.
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Games Like Dragon Lords

Dragon Lords

- Rate Enjoy this immersive MMORTS that goes above and beyond to provide players an immersive experience.

Climb through the ranks and train dragons to obliterate your foes.

Immerse yourself in a breathtaking game world that’s filled to the brim with sights to see.
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Games Like War and Order

War and Order

- Rate Gather an army of elven sages, dragon riders, and rabid orcs in War and Order to ravage your enemies.

Build a large empire by constructing buildings that allow you to recruit and upgrade your troops.

Fight in large real-time battles, negotiate, and forge alliances with other players to take down strong opponents.
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Games Like Galaxy Control

Galaxy Control

- Rate Dive into a futuristic world in this space sim/ MMORTS game, Galaxy Control

Gather resources, develop your base and strengthen your defenses

Take on space pirates and other players and to claim a sector of space as your own

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Games Like Total Domination

Total Domination

7 Rate Build your base and research technologies.

Create your own army of cyber enhanced soldiers.

Use your skills to dominate your enemies.
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Games Like Siegefall


- Rate Rule the heavenly kingdoms with your army of troops and spirits in Siegefall.

Prove your valor in the most epic strategic combat system.

Summon heroes and use fire breathing dragons to win battles.
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Games Like Oceans & Empires

Oceans & Empires

- Rate Build your empire and conquer the seas in Oceans and Empires.

Build ships and defeat mighty sea monsters.

Form alliances and wreak havoc upon the enemies trying to bring your empire down.
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Games Like Lords of Conquest

Lords of Conquest

- Rate Choose one of the four factions and start building an empire

Build an army by recruiting various units and also heroes to lead them all

Set out on a war path to conquer the world together with your allies
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Games Like Tribez at War

Tribez at War

- Rate Build an impenetrable fortress that will protect members of the tribe from invading forces.

Put together an impressive army that will keep attackers away from the town proper.

Enchant the tribe with magic spells to boost their attack power.
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