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Games Like Atlantica Online

Games Like Atlantica Online Immerse over massive battles set in a mythical world and a wonderful fantasy setting.

Gather different mercenaries and wield them into battles to discover the secrets of Atlantis.

Conquer the battles and strengthen your roster of characters to reign over other online players.
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Games Like Dragon Saga

Dragon Saga

- Rate Immerse over countless battles set in a fantasy world and an epic journey.

Choose from several classes and personalize your character from a diverse customization system.

Complete quests and level up to strengthen your character and reign over peer-based battles.
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Games Like Dragon's Prophet

Dragon's Prophet

- Rate Play through an incredibly immersive RPG experience as you dwell into the dragon filled world of Auratia.

Wield powerful dragons as you set abound your journey for their raw power, to aid you in combat.

Explore the game’s vast world, filled with fierce creatures that you can engage and gain experience with.
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Games Like Trove


- Rate Level your character up and take on more challenges.

Build your abode and rid your world of evil all at the same time.

Become the most powerful warrior and vanquish the forces of evil that encroach on your home.
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Games Like Phantasy Star Online 2

Phantasy Star Online 2

- Rate The current installment of the Phantasy Star franchise, Phantasy Star Online 2 is a must-play for any RPG gamer.

Pick between four races and five classes and once you do, embark on a journey to Planet Naeberius.

Cooperate with other players online to complete quests, defeat monsters, and devastate foes.
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Games Like Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online

- Rate Go back into the classic world of Rune Midgard and explore its vast landscapes.

Slay monsters, acquire pets, and choose from dozens of job classes with varying skills.

Play with your friends, make new ones, form a party, or better yet, join a guild and fight to destroy your rivals’ emperiums!
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Games Like Journey To The West

Journey To The West

- Rate Play this phenomenal MMORPG that’s full of memorable moments and delightful gameplay.

Pick a class of your preference from the four distinct options available.

Explore a breathtaking game world that’s filled with monsters to slay and fellow players to ally with.
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Games Like Rohan: Blood Feud

Rohan: Blood Feud

- Rate Survive a fierce dark world where every race struggles to take control over the land’s remaining resources.

Select from 7 different races and their respective class to grow into a powerful asset during battles.

Play with thousands of players and battle with them over the game’s extensive PVP system.
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Games Like Maestia


- Rate Pledge your allegiance to one of the two factions that have been at war for decades.

Choose your class of preference from the four unique and distinct options available.

Embark on your journey into a world that’s plagued by war and chaos.
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Games Like Knights: Clash of Heroes

Knights: Clash of Heroes

9 Rate Rise up from being a simple fiefdom to a powerful kingdom.

Grow your army and raise your personal glory by fighting battles against the forces of evil.

Make use of strategy and tactics in fighting battles against the undead.
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Games Like Mabinogi


- Rate Experience an epic journey that takes place in a beautiful and bright world,

Complete multiple quests to earn big rewards in the forms of currency and equipment,

Go through dungeons crawling with fierce beasts for you to slay and multitudes of loot for you to acquire.
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Games Like Pox Nora

Pox Nora

- Rate Defend your Shrine from your enemies.

Use your Rune Champions to their maximum potential to defend your Shrine and take others’.

Exercise your sense of strategy in this wonderful Tower Defense RPG.
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Games Like Iris Online

Iris Online

- Rate Play Iris Online, a gypsy-themed MMORPG and travel around the massive, and breathtaking game world as an adventurer.

Perform and complete more than a thousand quests, and explore numerous dungeons filled with monsters.

Enjoy the anime-themed art style and cooperate with other players in PvE, or fight them in PvP!
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Games Like Celestia Luna Online

Celestia Luna Online

- Rate Play Celestia Luna Online and get access to over 50 job classes and an MMORPG set in a vast world.

Be treated to the cute anime-style graphics and customize your character’s skills and appearances to suit your preferences.

Play with friends or pair up with players of the opposite sex to get to know one another and have fun!
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Games Like Tiny Mighty

Tiny Mighty

10 Rate Battle your way to victory with pint sized superheroes.

Pick from a huge list of characters each with their own unique powers and abilities.

Enjoy cute graphics and a fun gameplay all in one place.
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Games Like Pathfinder Online

Pathfinder Online

- Rate Enjoy this exciting sandbox style MMORPG that sets itself apart from the rest of the crowd.

Immerse yourself in an extraordinary game world that’s filled with many beautiful places to explore.

Participate in the exhilarating open world PvP that offers some pretty intense moments.
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