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Games Like Astral Heroes

Games Like Astral Heroes Experience a digital collectible card game like no other in Astral Heroes!

Buy new cards from the market and build an excellent deck to play with

Enjoy the game's single-player campaign or go head-to-head with other players in the leagues
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Games Like Heroes of Arzar

Heroes of Arzar

- Rate Get hooked on this captivating card game that won’t cease to impress.

Utilize your strategic prowess in order to get an advantage over your opponents.

Choose your character from one of the many heroes of Arzar and make use of its skills.
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Games Like Manarocks


- Rate Prep your deck and raise up your cards for a mythical battle

Pledge your allegiance to one of the six factions or assemble your own warriors

Break through the enemy’s defenses and strike down their commander
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Games Like Star Crusade: War for the Expanse

Star Crusade: War for the Expanse

- Rate Outplay your opponents in this high quality card game that focuses heavily on strategic play.

Enjoy the breathtaking sci-fi visuals as you participate in duels across the galaxies.

Progress through the game and get your hands on strong cards that can wreck your opponents.
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Games Like Age of Magic

Age of Magic

- Rate Enjoy this very unique and exciting CCG that’ll give you a very memorable experience.

Enjoy exciting 1v1 and 2v2 PvP matches in which you’ll get to compete with the best from around the world.

Go through challenging dungeons in which only the most resilient of players can survive.
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Games Like Cabals: Card Blitz

Cabals: Card Blitz

9 Rate Help the people of Aea protect their homeland from the approaching hordes of the undead

Build a great deck and engage both AI and other human players alike in battle

Increase the strength of your cards, and by extension, your deck by evolving them
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Games Like Shadowverse


- Rate Take up arms against the legions of shades and other villainous creatures that have invaded the realm

Craft new cards and build strong decks for your favorite heroes and heroines

Test your deck against an AI or even other players in challenging ranked matches and Arenas
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Games Like Magic Duels: Origins

Magic Duels: Origins

- Rate Immerse yourself in this highly strategic card battle game in which only the most tactical players can achieve victory.

Edit your deck and customize it according to your play-style in order to have an edge on your opponents.

Utilize enchantments during a duel to boost your cards and surprise the enemies.
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Games Like Ilhumia


- Rate Embark on an epic adventure for free in this card game on Steam.

Build your decks and take them to battle.

Execute your finest card battle strategy and win countless battles.
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Games Like Wagers of War

Wagers of War

- Rate Draw cards to earn mana in the mana round.

Attack your opponents using a variety of cards in the war round.

Collect cards and build the best decks to get the upper hand.
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Games Like Duel of Summoners

Duel of Summoners

- Rate Collect various cards, trade with other players, and compete with the best summoners around the world in Duel of Summoners.

Go through countless hours of the story-driven campaign or compete with your friends and other players in arenas for rankings and bragging rights.

Build and customize your deck and devise strategies around them.
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Games Like Krosmaga


- Rate Go back into the world of Krosmoz and take the role of one of the deities in this strategy-packed card game!

Build your own card deck and do battle against other players in a chess-style board game.

Use powerful units to decimate your foes, or spells to catch your opponents off-guard!
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Games Like Fable Fortune

Fable Fortune

- Rate Play Fable Fortune and treat yourself in an MMO card game that uses the beautiful world and iconic characters of the Fable franchise.

Pick between two sides, Good and Evil, and use your cards’ special abilities to win your games.

Compete with players around the world or play with friends to take down bosses in a co-op mode.
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Games Like Roun


- Rate Choose a city from which to begin your adventure.

Travel to locations in your city to battle monsters and collect loot.

Build your card deck from loot and from trades so that it becomes more powerful.
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Games Like HumanKind: The Awakening

HumanKind: The Awakening

- Rate Fight for humanity in this epic card game Humankind: The Awakening.

Unlock a huge variety of cards and form the perfect strategy.

Enjoy multiplayer modes and enter tournaments, leagues and faction battles.
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Games Like Faeria


10 Rate Build your deck in Faeria and participate in epic tactical battles against various opponents.

Spend 20+ hours in the game’s deep and immersive single-player experience where you can hone your skills.

Be part of the game’s dynamic and helpful community and get access to thousands of preset decks.
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