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Digimon Masters Online

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Games Like Digimon Masters Online Play Now Fight battles with your Digimon partner so both of you level up and become more powerful.

Collect as many Digimons as you can, given your limited character slots.

Experience the world of a Digimon Tamer and his exciting life with his Digimon partner.

Digimon Masters Online is a new way to experience the daily life of a Digimon trainer and his Digimon partner. You start off by picking a Digimon from the four Digimon classes: Agumon, Lalamon, Gaomon and Falcomon. Each of these starter Digimon classes have their individual attributes. It’s good to look at these statistics, so you will know your partner’s Strengths and Weaknesses.

The two types of attributes are the Digimon and Elemental attributes. Understanding these attributes is important to assessing your partner’s weak and strong points – good Fire attribute means the Pokemon will make short work of Ice Digimon, but will also be weak against Water Digimon. It’s all elementary, and should not take much of your time figuring out.

Anyone who has played all the past Digimon games will find Digimon Masters Online a fresh, new take on the game. You may be used to the turn-based battle system in past games but you won’t find that in DMO. Instead, the game plays out like a true MMORPG. You roam the game’s world together with your Digimon partner. When you find a monster, you issue commands to your Digimon and it will attack that monster for you. When it’s defeated, you simply pick up the loot and the two of you move on ahead. The real-time battle system in DMO will certainly give you a new experience, and could endear DMO to your gamer’s heart.

The game also implements the experience and leveling up system found in most, if not all, MMORPGs. With every battle and every quest that you complete, both you and your Digimon partner level up. The pace of your leveling up, however, is a tad slower than your Digimon partner. Upon reaching a certain level, your Digimon partner can then evolve into a form that’s more powerful than its ordinary form and with more powerful and effective skills. However, unlocked Digimon forms can only be held for a finite amount of time, as it consumes Soul Points. Not to worry, however, because you can accumulate Soul Points by playing the game. Think of the evolved form as simply an ace up your sleeve in battles.

You can carry a second Digimon with you in battle, in addition to your Partner. These Digimons are called Mercenary Digimons, which you can cultivate from a Digi-Egg that you buy from the in-game mall using in-game currency. You will need to collect DATA chips from the battlefield before you can hatch the eggs and gain a Mercenary Digimon.

With a brand-new gameplay system, Digimon Masters Online is a must-play both for new players and for older gamers that have experienced Digimon since it became popular in the 1990s. It’s been in the market for quite a while now, and has no intention of throwing down the towel.
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