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Games Like Mahjong Artifact 2

Play Mahjong Artifact 2 Games Like Mahjongg Mayas

Mahjongg Mayas

- Rate Mahjongg Mayas Read More
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Games Like Magic World

Magic World

- Rate Click the tile and choose its direction.

Match the tiles up to fill up the chest.

Play against the clock.
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Games Like Smashing Card

Smashing Card

- Rate Smashing Card Read More
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Games Like Bug Connect

Bug Connect

- Rate Find and match pairs of bugs to score points.

Match the bug spray cans to quickly finish the level.

Play against the clock, but get extra time for every pair.
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Games Like Mah Jong Quest 2

Mah Jong Quest 2

- Rate Balance the Ying and Yang in a fun Mahjong Adventure.

Find the golden tiles and match them to complete a level with bonuses for remaining tiles.

Overcome obstacles on your travels to finish these fun patterns.
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Games Like Mahjong India

Mahjong India

- Rate Choose from 4 different layouts.

Use hints or shuffles whenever you wish.

See if you can beat your fastest time.
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Games Like Summer Mahjong

Summer Mahjong

- Rate Match up summer themed tiles.

Get the highest score you can.

Play one of 10 fun themed layouts.

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Games Like Farm Mahjong

Farm Mahjong

- Rate Match a pair of animals to clear the tiles.

Use hints if you get a little stuck.

Play against the clock to clear the board.
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Games Like Dog Mahjong

Dog Mahjong

- Rate Play against the clock.

Match the dogs up together to clear the board.

3 hints available should you need them.
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Games Like Cat Conection

Cat Conection

- Rate Match the cats as fast as you can.

Lines can go anywhere, but only turn twice.

See how high a score you can get.
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Games Like Dream Pet

Dream Pet

- Rate Using hints or reshuffles match up the cute pets.

Play against the clock.

See how high a score you can get.
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Games Like Deep Sea

Deep Sea

- Rate Using the classic style match up the tiles.

The faster you complete the level the more pearls you earn.

Use pearls to unlock levels and friends to help you.
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Games Like Toy Collection

Toy Collection

- Rate Play this classic game with a bright new twist.

Choose from over 50 tile layouts.

See if you can finish them all.
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Games Like Chinese Dragon

Chinese Dragon

- Rate Choose from over 60 layouts.

Use the classic much loved tiles.

Keep playing till you finish them all.
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Games Like Spring Mahjong

Spring Mahjong

- Rate Match pairs or tiles in this classic style Mahjong.

Play one of 12 unique spring layouts.

See if you can beat your best time.
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Games Like Spring Mahjong Play Now
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