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Games Like Sport of Kings

Games Like Sport of Kings Buy or breed your field of champion racehorses!

Race your horses for the fame, glory and the prize money!

Enjoy the virtual version of the sport of kings today!
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Games Like Horse Reality

Horse Reality

7.2 Rate Fill your stables with up to 50 horses each.

Train each of your horses in preparation for competitions.

Travel to other continents and take some time off as a trainer.
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Games Like DerbyVille


- Rate Manage various different horses in this delightful fantasy horse racing game that doesn’t cease to impress.

Participate in tons upon tons of different races held in various different places.

Train your horse to make sure that it always has an edge over all the competition.
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Games Like Equus Nation

Equus Nation

9 Rate Immerse yourself in this quality horse game that won't cease to impress.

Run your very own stable and fill it up with horses of various different breeds.

Participate in events with your horses to prove that they're the very best around.
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Games Like Hokalovi


10 Rate Participate in a variety of events with your horses and demonstrate your skills to the world.

Choose from a variety of different horse breeds, each with its own unique stats.

Get hooked for hours upon hours as you become the best horse trainer in the game.
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Games Like Track King

Track King

8 Rate Set up and manage your very own racing stable!

Sign your horses up for tournaments to move up the ranks into the big leagues!

Earn yourself the title of Track King!
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Games Like PonyBox


4 Rate Manage your very own ranch.

Breed horses, or buy ones for sale at the market.

Enter your horse into jumpoff competitions to earn PonyBucks.
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Games Like Show Horse

Show Horse

- Rate Run your very own ranch in this exciting horse game that you can enjoy on your browser.

Purchase new horses from the auction and raise them to be champions.

Interact with your fellow ranchers through the various options available.
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Games Like Indomita


8 Rate Train your horse up and gain experience to level up.

Play a variety of mini-games through which you can win in-game currency and experience.

Build relationships with your herd, and interact with other players through the forums or chat.
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Games Like SIM Horse Racing

SIM Horse Racing

8 Rate Train horses to participate in the races.

Breed or buy horses to grow your barn.

Participate in the game’s community to learn more about horse breeding, training and racing.
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Games Like Hunt and Jump

Hunt and Jump

4 Rate Create a whole barn full of horses.

Experiment with gender, genetics and even age.

Train your horses to compete in shows so you can earn in-game cash.
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Games Like Horzer


7.5 Rate Horzer takes you to a whole new world full of wonderful horses, look after and feed them, then train, race or breed your horses.

Raise, train and race your own horses.

Build your own equestrian center and look after lots of horses.

Enter your horse into a detailed breeding program.
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Games Like Eqcetera


- Rate Enjoy this addictive game that’ll let you keep your very own horses of various different breeds.

Join associations to participate in many fun activities alongside your horse.

Build up your own stables in order to keep and raise more horses.
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Games Like My Dream Stable

My Dream Stable

- Rate Set up and manage your very own dream stable in My Dream Stable

Groom, train and feed your horses and even pets, like cats, dogs and rabbits

Sign your horses and pets up for beauty or talent-based competitions
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Games Like White Oak Stables`

White Oak Stables`

5.7 Rate Pick your favourite breed and colour for your horse.

Train and enter your horses into shows to win fabulous prizes!

Unleash the inner equestrian in you!
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Games Like Equination


7.5 Rate Get in the game of horse-racing with realistic and exciting virtual horse-racing games available.

Manage a stable and raise a horse by providing the proper training and purchasing a variety of items.

Choose from a wide range of horses to play with and train in the stable.
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