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Games Like Big Farm

Games Like Big Farm Goodgame Big Farm gives you everything to build your own Farm, and to maintain a solid chain of production.

Plant crops, produce food, feed your animals, sell your products, and become the world's best farmer!

Dominate other farmers in exciting PvP missions, or team up with your friends and create huge cooperatives, but always plan your production carefully and never forget: Farm business can be serious business!
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Games Like PLAYMOBIL Horse Farm


6 Rate Build your own horse racing tracks in PLAYMOBIL Horse Farm.

Unlock a huge variety of beautiful horses in the game.

Feed and treat your horses with care to level up quicker.
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Games Like Horzer


7.5 Rate Horzer takes you to a whole new world full of wonderful horses, look after and feed them, then train, race or breed your horses.

Raise, train and race your own horses.

Build your own equestrian center and look after lots of horses.

Enter your horse into a detailed breeding program.
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Games Like My Little Farmies

My Little Farmies

6 Rate Start growing crops and raising horse and other animals.

Earn bonuses and money completing quests.

Create your own perfect farm.
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Games Like Horse Jumping 3D

Horse Jumping 3D

- Rate Participate in exciting jumping events

Play in various challenging obstacle courses

Execute the perfect jumps to win the round

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Games Like Turf Horse

Turf Horse

2 Rate Get to raise multiple horses at the same time in this addictive online experience.

Join a club with your horse to socialize with your fellow players and train your horses alongside others.

Raise pets like cats and dogs alongside your horses for more immersive gameplay.
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Games Like Habbo Hotel

Habbo Hotel

8.3 Rate Own and play with horses in a fantastic game.

Find your own place in Habbo Hotel, where you can meet everyone and have casual fun.

Enjoy the many different rooms, with different games and activities for your amusement.
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Games Like A Virtual Horse

A Virtual Horse

8.1 Rate Play A Virtual Horse and enjoy a stunning 3D animated game, raise your horses, become a vet or stablehand and enter competitions.

Look after and train your own beautiful horse.

Manage your own stables and events course.

Create buildings to farm materials and food.
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Games Like Equiverse


9.3 Rate [Updated review]
Equiverse is a free horse game that you play through your browser. Create your own horse and look after them with special food to enter into competition.

Assign a specialty to your horses and train them to increase their stats

Enter into various competitive events and win amazing prizes.

Breed your horses based on their genotypes or adopt a new horse from the rescue center
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Games Like 3D Horseback Trail Ride

3D Horseback Trail Ride

- Rate Explore a beautiful world in full three-dimensional animation.

Run, trot or gallop - do everything a horse is meant to do!

Choose from various horses and give it a name.
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Games Like White Oak Stables`

White Oak Stables`

5.7 Rate Pick your favourite breed and colour for your horse.

Train and enter your horses into shows to win fabulous prizes!

Unleash the inner equestrian in you!
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Games Like Digiturf


- Rate Own and train your champion racehorses to peak fitness and performance

Race competitively with other players' virtual horses for a chance to win a prize of around $320 thousand in real cash

Advance through the ranks on the leaderboard and be exceptional enough to enter into the hall of fame

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Games Like HorseStar


9.8 Rate Have fun exploring a beautiful and vast world along with your friends

Customize your male or female rider and outfit, as well as your horse's gear

Enjoy horse jumping challenges or simply riding across lush plains with your buddies
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Games Like Barbie Horse Adventures

Barbie Horse Adventures

7 Rate Take the role of Barbie at Riding Camp and go on an exciting adventure

Enjoy the freedom to explore the entire island, and compete in time-trials and challenges

Customize Barbie's looks and switch between 5 different horses to ride
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Games Like My Talking Horse

My Talking Horse

- Rate Play this exceptional pet simulation game that’ll have you hooked for hours upon hours.

Interact with your delightful horse companion in various different ways.

Enjoy many different kinds of mini-games that are sure to impress due to how well designed they are.
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Games Like Hunt and Jump

Hunt and Jump

4 Rate Create a whole barn full of horses.

Experiment with gender, genetics and even age.

Train your horses to compete in shows so you can earn in-game cash.
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