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Games Like Animal Jam

Games Like Animal Jam Animal Jam is a fun animal themed virtual world brought to you by National Geographic. Create your own Horse Avatar and explore this wonderful educational and safe world.

Choose your first Horse and customise your look.

Explore the world and play games as you go.

Create your perfect den full of cool furniture and items.
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Games Like Howrse


7.2 Rate Howrse allows you to raise and breed beautiful horses and ponies online.

Discover the responsibilities of managing an equestrian center.

Work, earn money and groom many different types of horses and ponies.
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Games Like My Little Pony: Harmony Quest

My Little Pony: Harmony Quest

- Rate Restore the elements of Harmony to Ponyville.

Chase Changelings to retrieve the elements that they carry.

Fix the damaged stained glass window.
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Games Like Webkinz


4 Rate Webkinz is a fantastic and very cute world especially for children, own horses, collect toys and play fun games as you explore a wonderful place.

Decorate your room and find cool clothes.

Enjoy exploring with your horse.

Make friends and meet other Webkinz.
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Games Like Horse Isle 2

Horse Isle 2

6.9 Rate Horse Isle 2 is a free browser based horse game where you can find wild horses and create your own adventure as you explore loads of islands.

Find your own special wild horses.

Play mini games to earn money.

Join a great and growing community of players.
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Games Like My Little Farmies

My Little Farmies

6 Rate Start growing crops and raising horse and other animals.

Earn bonuses and money completing quests.

Create your own perfect farm.
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Games Like Horse Isle

Horse Isle

5.8 Rate Horse Isle is a free to play Horse based MMO Game. With lots of players to meet and horses to catch or buy. Simply sign up and play in your browser.

Find and catch wild horses.

Enter them into events.

Trade horses with other players.
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Games Like Princess Libby: My Beloved Pony

Princess Libby: My Beloved Pony

- Rate Play this exciting game in which you’ll get to take care of your very own magical pony.

Customize your pony’s room according to your preferences and turn it into a beautiful place.

Improve your friendship with your pony by doing things together.
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Games Like Pixie the Pony

Pixie the Pony

- Rate Take care of your very own pony and make all your dreams come true in this engrossing horse care game.

Play fun mini-games with your pony in order to collect rewards.

Monitor your pony and make sure that it’s always healthy and in a good mood.
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Games Like Roblox


7.8 Rate Use this amazing game to create your dream horses.

Make your own horse game to enjoy and share with your friends.

Use any breeds and styles you like, even magical horses.
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Games Like Farm Horse Jungle Ride

Farm Horse Jungle Ride

- Rate Ride the best variety of horses on beautiful tracks in Farm House Jungle Ride.

Avoid the obstacles by jumping over obstacles and collecting coins along the way.

Ride as far as you can with easy controls and an addictive game play.
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Games Like Shake Spears!

Shake Spears!

- Rate Relive the medieval age in this epic knights jousting game Shake Spears!

Upgrade your hero with new weapons and stronger armor.

Purchase boosters and use them against the toughest of opponents.
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Games Like Solitaire Dash

Solitaire Dash

- Rate Immerse yourself in this exciting solitaire game that comes with a refreshing twist.

Complete tons upon tons of challenging levels that are sure to test your skills.

Utilize bonus cards for assistance during the more challenging levels.
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Games Like Pocket Stables Lite

Pocket Stables Lite

7 Rate Enter the world of horse racing on your mobile in a brilliant and fun game.

Train and breed your horses to get the best out of them.

Win races and develop your stables into a huge complex.
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Games Like Horse Frenzy

Horse Frenzy

- Rate Engage in an epic horse race in Horse Frenzy.

Unlock a huge variety of horses with special abilities.

Feed, train and equip your horses with the best horse shoes to increase their energy in the race.
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Games Like Bella Sara

Bella Sara

8.6 Rate Play Bella Sara Adventures, where you can travel the magical world and help the horses. Build your own cottage and fill it with your own treasures.

Adventure with fantastic horses, and special magical horses in this amazing world.

Collect cards as you travel the lands based on the Bella Sara books.

Decorate your own cottage with fantastic furniture and special items.
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