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Games Like AE Horse Racing

Games Like AE Horse Racing Bet on the winner-looking horse and win big!

Increase your chances of winning by betting on more than one horse.

Sit back and watch the excitement as the horses race to the finish.
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Games Like Horse Place

Horse Place

10 Rate Take part in actual horse races from around the world, albeit virtually, every day

Place your bets and watch your horses race at the tracks

Climb up the leaderboard by winning your bets
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Games Like Breeders' Cup World Thoroughbred Championships

Breeders' Cup World Thoroughbred Championships

10 Rate Race at the top horse racing tracks all over North America

Test your racing skills as you have to account for varying weather patterns and track conditions

Take a break from jockeying and place wagers on champion racehorses
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Games Like Ultimate Horse Racing 3D

Ultimate Horse Racing 3D

- Rate Bet on your favorite horses in this exciting horse racing game in which the stakes are always high.

Enjoy the intense races as the riders try to make their horses go as fast as they can.

Return to play the game on a daily basis to collect bonuses that’ll increase with each day.
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Games Like Horse Racing Manager

Horse Racing Manager

- Rate Manage your own stables and get involved in every aspect of running the business

Figure out the best horse-jockey combo to win all of your races

Try your luck as a professional gambler and place bets on the best horse to win
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Games Like HorseAcademy


7.4 Rate Play Horse Academy a fantastic horse game, win races and build your own stable complex and prove you're the best trainer.

Become the best horse trainer and win races with your horses.

Build stables and training facilities to improve your horses.

Climb the world rankings and prove you're the champion.
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Games Like Hooves Of Fire

Hooves Of Fire

7.5 Rate Play a real time multi player horse racing game on Facebook.

Breed horses and improve their bloodline to have the best horse.

Bet on races or participate with your horse to win great prizes.
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Games Like Happy Horses

Happy Horses

8.2 Rate In Happy Horses you can take care of wonderful horses, and then enter then into competitions against other players from all over the world.

Create and take care of your own horse.

Engage in educational activities that teach you about horses.

Compete against the best horses in the world.
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Games Like PoneyVallee


7.8 Rate PoneyVallee is a free Facebook Game in which you can breed and raise your own special magical ponies, choose their colours, style and give them special unique items.

Choose your first baby poney and start to build your own stables.

Shop for cool accessories and special colours.

Play fun games in the town to earn coins.
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Games Like Show Horse

Show Horse

- Rate Run your very own ranch in this exciting horse game that you can enjoy on your browser.

Purchase new horses from the auction and raise them to be champions.

Interact with your fellow ranchers through the various options available.
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Games Like Little Horses

Little Horses

9.1 Rate We are sorry to say that the game is no longer available. Please feel free to browse through our list of Games like Little Horses here:

Little Horses is a Free Facebook Game where you can choose and name your own horse.

Feed and Groom your horse in your very own stable, you can even train them in Dressage.

When your horse is ready put them out to stud and breed your very own horses.
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Games Like Horse World

Horse World

10 Rate Relax from your daily life and find peace in raising horses on Facebook.

Take care of the horses, train them and enter them in shows or races.

Become a famous horse trainer and share your accomplishments with others.
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Games Like Horse Race Riding Agility

Horse Race Riding Agility

- Rate Enjoy a fun 2D horse jumping game in Horse Race Riding Agility

Jump over every obstacle as you race through the racecourse

Collect as many carrots and apples as you can so as to unlock new horses
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Games Like Horse Racing Park

Horse Racing Park

1 Rate Own a stable full of amazing horses and enter them in races to win massive prizes and popularity.

Use the breeding feature to breed new, healthy horses that can then be turned into swift racers.

Give good performances for a spot in the leaderboards that the whole world can see.
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Games Like My Pony Race

My Pony Race

- Rate Choose your pony and participate in challenging races.

Jump obstacles and use power-ups to make sure you maintain the lead.

Dress up your ponies in cute outfits and purchase more ponies in the shop.
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Games Like Blazing Silks

Blazing Silks

6.4 Rate True peer-to-peer live racing over the Facebook platform.

Feed and train horses, manage their attributes and have the best horses.

Enjoy real-world racing tie-ins and track based promotions and contests for the real racing experience.
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