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Games Like Rooms Memory

Games Like Rooms Memory Rooms of Memory is a new game from Big Fish Games, 100% free you can download and begin to explore this amazing and wonderful new game.

Explore beautiful rooms in your mansion.

Chase off ghosts and monsters as you find special items.

Unlock the secrets of the world around you.
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Games Like Found


7.9 Rate Play Found: A Hidden Object Adventure and try and survive a strange island full of strange characters and stunning hidden object scenes. Enjoy this game for Free!

Enjoy amazing hidden object scenes.

Collect set items and quest items to earn big rewards.

Use a variety of great boosters to help you.
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Games Like Midnight Castle

Midnight Castle

7.2 Rate Play Midnight Castle and explore a castle full of magic and the wondrous Mystery Chamber that grants any wish to come true and along the way discover the secrets of Midnight Castle.

Explore amazing hidden object scenes.

Complete quests for your friends and claim your rewards.

Craft special items to ward off terrors of the night.
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Games Like Awakening


6.3 Rate Awakening Kingdom is a free downloaded game from Big Fish Games. Download the game and play through a fun adventure full of hidden object scenes and fun mini games.

Rebuild the castle and town to its former glory.

Play fun mini games to earn bonuses.

Collect resources and treasures in fantastic hidden object scenes.
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Games Like Gourmania 3

Gourmania 3

8 Rate Run your restaurant by finding the hidden foods and ingredients.

Complete customer orders and get paid.

Use your money to build your own zoo.
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Games Like Dark Manor

Dark Manor

4.9 Rate Dark Manor is a Hidden Object Game game brought to you by Big Fish set in the 1920’ with a ghostly twist. The game is free but requires a download, follow the link above the review to download.

Collect ectoplasm by finding items in hidden object windows.

Fill the grounds of your mansion with cool items and collect Juju.

Play with no timer and unlimited hints.
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Games Like Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood

Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood

8 Rate Play the dark story as it unfolds following the first of the Enigmatis games by Big Fish. Journey to Ravenwood following a tip about the man you are chasing.

Choose to play Hidden object Scenes or mini Games.

Solve puzzles in the world you move around in.

Find and collect useful items on your investigation.
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Games Like Mystic Saga

Mystic Saga

7 Rate In Mystic Saga you are transported to the orient to begin a magical adventure full of amazing hidden object scenes.

Play through rich and stunning hidden object scenes.

Collect items for quests and collections.

Use a variety of boosters and hints as you explore scenes.
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Games Like Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts

7.5 Rate Immerse yourself as Mac as you interact with the story.

Complete beautiful Hidden Object Windows.

Play mini games to earn extra hints for each chapter.
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Games Like Big City: Rio

Big City: Rio

9 Rate Explore the wonderful Big City Adventure: Rio de Janeiro and find the hidden objects scattered all over the city.

Enjoy fabulous quality hidden object scenes.

Find coins with hints, extra time and other boosters.

Complete collections and achievements as you play.
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Games Like Family Vacation

Family Vacation

7.5 Rate Explore amazing Hidden Object windows, from the bedroom to the beach.

Play mini games to help the story along.

Take family photos and look over them in your own album.
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Games Like Supersports


10 Rate Summer Supersports is a downloaded hidden object game brought to you by Big Fish Games, try the free trial today!

Play through sports themed photographic object windows.

Enjoy mini games and puzzles.

Unlimited hints for you to use.
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Games Like Emberwing


9 Rate Enjoy Emberwing: Lost Legacy and save your son from a great dragon that has taken him. Discover a dark past and the secrets of the Emberwing.

Solve puzzles and fantastic hidden object scenes on your journey.

Collect items and tools to help you.

Enjoy stunning graphics and intriguing story lines.
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Games Like Nevertales


7 Rate Nevertales: The Beauty Within is a downloaded Hidden Object Game from Big Fish, enter a world of mystery and suspense when a baby is left on your doorstep.

Solve puzzles as you explore the world in front of you.

Discover hidden object scenes and play through them.

Use unlimited hints and your special owl helper.
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Games Like Nevertales: Shattered Image

Nevertales: Shattered Image

9 Rate Explore a magical world full of portals and strange places.

Enjoy amazing hidden object scenes.

Solve fun puzzles and use the items you find on your travels.
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Games Like Enchantia


10 Rate In Enchantia: Wrath of the Phoenix Queen it is up to you to stop the evil queen from destroying all the lands.

Solve puzzles and stunning hidden object scenes.

Collect magical items and weapons to aid your fight.

Discover a magical land with over 20 characters.
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