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Games Like Christmas Wonderland

Play Christmas Wonderland Games Like Haunting Mysteries: The Island of Lost Souls

Haunting Mysteries: The Island of Lost Souls

- Rate Find yourself lost in an unknown island.

Discover its dark secrets and inhabitants

Solve your way through various hidden object puzzles
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Games Like Lost Lands: Hidden Object

Lost Lands: Hidden Object

- Rate Help the Elves as they try to escape from the lost island where danger lurks in every single corner.

Engage yourself with expertly crafted hidden object scenes that will truly test your skills.

Enjoy the beautiful visuals as you travel through the island and explore its charms.
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Games Like Nice Places

Nice Places

- Rate Find the hidden objects in beautiful classic scenes.

Find the numbers and special items for a bonus.

See if you can get the highest score.
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Games Like Guest House

Guest House

- Rate Clear the house for new guests.

Find the objects in the photos.

Use hints if you get stuck.
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Games Like Cottage in Wood

Cottage in Wood

- Rate Find the items by the pictures.

Spot the differences between pictures.

You have 3 hints per scene.
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Games Like So Delicious

So Delicious

- Rate Search for food related hidden objects.

Score bonus points for finding the hidden numbers.

Play with no time limit and enjoy these lovely scenes.
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Games Like Study Room

Study Room

- Rate Welcome to Girl Study Room - Help her Find the Hidden Objects!

Complete all levels and win the game! Then Play again!

What are you waiting for? Start now!
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Games Like Hidden Grocery

Hidden Grocery

- Rate Use hints if you get stuck.

Find objects hidden amongst the groceries.

Play against the clock to win.
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Games Like Super Kitchen

Super Kitchen

- Rate Play against the clock.

Find all the objects.

Can you beat your high score?
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Games Like Secrets Deep

Secrets Deep

- Rate Find the objects under the sea and in the wrecks.

Use unlimited hints.

See if you can beat your own score.
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Games Like Purple Objects

Purple Objects

- Rate Play through lovely rooms and look for the items.

Beat the timer to win.

Can you get the highest score?
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Games Like Holidays


- Rate Find the items among beautiful island locations.

Assemble the treasure map.

Use unlimited hints if you get stuck.
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Games Like Mystery Hearts

Mystery Hearts

- Rate Welcome to the Hidden Tax Game!

Choose one of 3 pictures, and play! We have 16 hidden hearts in each picture!
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Games Like Solitaire Mystery

Solitaire Mystery

- Rate Find the missing Magic Cards with Solitaire games.

Hunt down the clues with Hidden Object Games.

Solve the mystery and save the world.
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Games Like Haunted House

Haunted House

- Rate Find the objects pictured against the clock to move through the house.

Use hints at the cost of time if you need to.

Find the golden key to change rooms.
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